Ariana Grande’s Stalker Pleads Guilty And Faces Over 3 Years In Prison


The man who relentlessly stalked Ariana Grande for years, including showing up at her L.A. home with a knife, has now been convicted of the frightening crimes and faces years in prison.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande’s stalker, Aharon Zebulun Israel Brown, has pleaded guilty to stalking, residential burglary, and making criminal threats. He faces over 3 years in prison and will be subject to a 10-year restraining order barring him from any contact with the singer.

Aharon Zebulun Israel Brown Pleads Guilty

Aharon Zebulun Israel Brown pleaded guilty to charges of stalking, residential burglary, and making criminal threats against the famous singer/actress in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties beginning in 2021. Santa Barbara County District D.A. John T. Savrnoch announced that Brown will be sentenced in May to three years and eight months in a California state prison. After he serves his sentence, Brown will have to abide by the terms of his restraining order, barring him from having any contact with Ariana for 10 years.

Brown’s Disturbing Behavior

Between February 2021 and September 2021, Brown forced his way into Ariana’s Hollywood mansion nearly 100 times and even brought along a deadly weapon on one occasion. Brown confronted Ariana’s security guards while brandishing the knife, threatening to kill them and the pop star. Cops were called, and Brown was taken away in handcuffs. Despite Ariana being granted a 5-year restraining order against Brown, he continued his disturbing behavior.

Break-in at Ariana’s Montecito Abode

In June 2022, Brown broke into Ariana’s Montecito abode, slashing wires connected to the alarm system and phone lines. Police responded and found Brown balled up in a crawl space inside the house. Ariana wasn’t home at the time.