New Development: Casanova’s Motion For Early Prison Release Denied


Rapper Casanova, signed to Roc Nation, has faced another setback in his ongoing legal battle. In a recent court ruling, a federal judge denied his motion for an early release from his 15-year prison sentence. Despite pleading guilty to robbery and renouncing his association with the Gorilla Stone Nation gang, Casanova has been unsuccessful in convincing the court that he is no longer a danger to the community.

Key Takeaway

Roc Nation rapper Casanova’s motion for early prison release has been denied by a federal judge. Despite pleading guilty to robbery and expressing remorse, the court concluded that he had not proven he was no longer a danger to the community. Casanova will continue to serve his 15-year prison sentence.

Casanova’s Plea for Compassionate Release

On Friday, a federal court ruled against Casanova’s motion for a compassionate release, emphasizing that he had already received a sentence at the lower end of the sentencing range. Additionally, the judge noted that Casanova had yet to serve even 20% of his sentence. The rapper had hoped that his plea would be granted based on his remorse and efforts to distance himself from his prior criminal associations.

The Judge’s Decision

In August 2020, Casanova pleaded guilty to robbery charges. He wrote a heartfelt letter expressing his remorse and renouncing his ties to the Gorilla Stone Nation gang. However, the judge remained unconvinced of Casanova’s transformation, stating that he had not provided sufficient evidence that he was no longer a threat to society.

The 15-year prison sentence imposed on Casanova was deemed appropriate and warranted by the judge, given the seriousness of the crime. Despite the rapper’s post on Instagram suggesting comfort in his current situation, it appears that Casanova will remain in prison for the foreseeable future.