Lenny Hochstein Files Lawsuit Over Removal Of Purchased Plants From His Home During Divorce


Famed plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein is taking legal action against Threlkel Botanicals, a Florida plant store, for allegedly removing plants from his Miami mansion. Hochstein claims that he had purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of plants from the store in 2020, but they were wrongfully removed from his property while his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein, was in the process of moving out.

Key Takeaway

Lenny Hochstein, a renowned plastic surgeon, has filed a lawsuit against Threlkel Botanicals, accusing the plant store of unlawfully removing purchased plants from his Miami home. The dispute is part of a highly contentious divorce between Hochstein and reality TV star Lisa Hochstein.

The Dispute

In a recently obtained lawsuit, Hochstein alleges that he explicitly instructed Threlkel Botanicals and its owner, Jim Threlkel, not to remove any plants from his property. Despite his instructions, the plants were reportedly taken without his consent. Hochstein argues that this removal constitutes both theft and trespassing.

A Contentious Divorce

Lenny Hochstein’s ongoing divorce from reality TV star Lisa Hochstein has already been marked by numerous controversies. Hochstein’s engagement to another woman has heightened tensions between the former couple. Now, Threlkel Botanicals finds itself entangled in this bitter legal battle.

Legal Demands

Hochstein is seeking to recover the plants or receive damages from Threlkel Botanicals. The value of the damages is claimed to exceed $50,000. As of now, there has been no response from Threlkel Botanicals regarding the allegations.