Lance Bass Seeks Trademark For ‘Dirty Pop’ After *NSYNC Reunion


New legal documents reveal that Lance Bass, one of the members of the iconic boy band *NSYNC, is considering a strategic business move in the wake of their recent highly anticipated reunion. Bass has expressed his intention to trademark the phrase “Dirty Pop” and apply it to various junk food items such as candy, chocolate, and flavored popcorn. The phrase in question holds significant relevance as it served as the memorable opening line in *NSYNC’s smash hit, “Pop,” which catapulted them to superstardom.

Key Takeaway

Lance Bass, a member of *NSYNC, is seeking to trademark the phrase “Dirty Pop” for use in the food industry, capitalizing on the renewed popularity of the boy band.

The incredible *NSYNC reunion, which marked their first appearance together in a decade, occurred during the MTV VMAs where they presented an award. Since then, fans have been enthusiastically buzzing, making this a perfect opportunity for Bass and his bandmates to leverage their newfound spotlight.

Not stopping at just the trademark for “Dirty Pop,” the legal documents indicate that Bass is also pursuing the trademark for “Boy Band Wars,” potentially hinting at a future television series. It’s clear that the members are keen on seizing every opportunity presented by their resurgent fame.

Even if an album reunion is not in the cards for *NSYNC, it seems as though Lance Bass is not ready to bid farewell to his successful entertainment career anytime soon.