Lance Bass Urges Fans To Forgive Justin Timberlake, Citing Britney Spears’ Example


In a recent interview, former *NSYNC member Lance Bass encouraged fans to forgive Justin Timberlake, drawing inspiration from Britney Spears’ forgiveness towards her ex-boyfriend. Bass made these comments amidst the controversies surrounding Timberlake’s past actions and their subsequent breakup.

Key Takeaway

Lance Bass urges fans to forgive Justin Timberlake, using Britney Spears’ example of forgiveness as inspiration. Bass emphasizes the importance of showing leniency and believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion about Timberlake.

Learning From Britney’s Forgiveness

Speaking at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Bass revealed that he was preparing to read Britney Spears’ new memoir. The book, which delves into Spears’ relationship with Timberlake, has captivated readers with its revealing content.

Bass emphasized the significance of forgiveness, urging people to refrain from attacking Timberlake for his alleged role in Spears’ abortion, the cheating allegations, and the ultimate demise of their relationship. According to Bass, everyone is entitled to their opinion about Timberlake, but they should take a cue from Britney and show him some leniency.

Britney’s Book Success

Britney Spears’ memoir has been met with resounding success, providing her with the platform to share her perspective on past events. Lance Bass expressed his admiration for her courage and even joked about emulating her by enlisting Michelle Williams to narrate an audiobook for his own memoir.

While Justin Timberlake has remained relatively silent about Britney’s memoir, Lance Bass is firmly supportive of his former bandmate.

The Future of *NSYNC

Lance Bass also weighed in on the current status of *NSYNC following their highly anticipated reunion at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and the release of their new song. However, it appears that fans will have to wait longer for a potential tour or album from the beloved boy band, as no concrete plans are currently in the works.