Kevin Von Erich Praises Portrayal In “The Iron Claw” Movie But Doubts Zac Efron And Jeremy Allen White As Real Wrestlers


Wrestling legend Kevin Von Erich is giving a thumbs up to the portrayal of himself and his famous brother in the new movie “The Iron Claw,” where they are depicted by Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson. However, Kevin expresses doubt that the actors could succeed as professional wrestlers due to their physical size.

Key Takeaway

Kevin Von Erich praises the portrayal of himself and his brothers in “The Iron Claw” but casts doubt on the actors’ suitability for real wrestling due to their physical size.

Great Portrayal, But Not Fit for the Ring

Kevin Von Erich commends the actors for their performance in “The Iron Claw,” acknowledging their success in bringing the Von Erich brothers to life on the big screen. Despite this, he emphasizes that the actors’ physical stature may not be suitable for the demanding world of professional wrestling.

Love for ‘Iron Claw’ and Historical Accuracy

Kevin expresses his appreciation for “The Iron Claw,” noting that the film effectively condenses the numerous stories surrounding his wrestling family into a 2-hour movie. He also acknowledges the movie’s historical accuracy, albeit within the context of Hollywood standards.

Deviation from Reality and Omissions

While Kevin finds the movie to be a faithful representation overall, he points out that certain aspects, such as his relationship with his father, wrestler Fritz Von Erich, are not entirely accurate. Additionally, the omission of his brother Chris Von Erich and the influence of Christianity on his success are noted as deviations from reality.

Understanding Hollywood’s Influence

Kevin acknowledges the creative liberties taken by the movie and understands the constraints of Hollywood storytelling. Despite his satisfaction with the final product, he humorously reminds audiences not to be deceived by the camera, suggesting that the actors, Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White, may not possess the physical stature often associated with professional wrestlers.