Jeremy Allen White Shares How Zac Efron Inspired His Transformation For ‘Iron Claw’


Jeremy Allen White, known for his role in the TV series “Shameless,” is opening up about how his co-star, Zac Efron, played a significant role in his impressive physique for the upcoming movie “Iron Claw.” White tackles the role of Kerry Von Erich in the film, which centers around the famous Von Erich wrestling family. While White was already in good shape, his transformation for the role was nothing short of remarkable.

Key Takeaway

Jeremy Allen White credits Zac Efron for motivating him to achieve a shredded physique for his role in “Iron Claw.” Despite his transformation, White is unsure about pursuing a career in professional wrestling beyond the film.

White didn’t hold back from flaunting his chiseled body during a workout session back in July, showing the results of his hard work. Reflecting on his journey to build muscle mass, White acknowledged that Efron’s own well-defined physique served as a major motivation. When asked if Efron had influenced him in the gym, White enthusiastically confirmed, saying, “He definitely did!!”

Although White’s dedication to his physical transformation for “Iron Claw” is evident, he remains uncertain about pursuing a career in professional wrestling beyond the movie. Admitting that he was relatively new to the industry when he received the role, White expressed deep respect for the athleticism required in professional wrestling. He also defended the sport against those who dismiss it as “fake,” emphasizing its demanding nature.