Kevin Hart Wishes Success For Katt Williams’ Comedy Tour With Ex-Wife


Kevin Hart is showing support for his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and Katt Williams as they team up for an upcoming comedy tour. Despite recent controversies, Kevin Hart expressed his well wishes for the success of their collaboration.

Key Takeaway

Kevin Hart expresses support for his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and Katt Williams as they prepare for a comedy tour, showcasing positivity and goodwill in the comedy industry.

Unexpected Support

During a recent outing in NYC, Kevin Hart was asked about his thoughts on Torrei Hart and Katt Williams embarking on a comedy tour together. Torrei, who divorced Kevin in 2011, announced the tour on her Instagram, revealing that she and Katt will be performing in Charlotte, Orlando, and Tampa on January 27, February 2, and February 3, respectively.

The announcement comes amidst tension between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart, with Katt making critical comments about Kevin in a recent podcast appearance. Despite this, Kevin Hart responded with positivity, expressing his love for all comedians and his desire for their success, including Katt Williams and his ex-wife Torrei. Kevin’s unexpected support showcases his goodwill and sportsmanship in the comedy industry.

Spreading Positivity

Kevin Hart’s response to the collaboration between his ex-wife and Katt Williams demonstrates his commitment to spreading positivity and support within the comedy community. Despite any personal differences, Kevin’s well wishes for the success of the upcoming comedy tour reflect his gracious and magnanimous approach to professional relationships.