Kareem Jackson Suspended Again After Violent Hit On Joshua Dobbs


Denver Broncos safety, Kareem Jackson, has found himself facing another suspension from the NFL. This time, he has been hit with a four-game ban after a violent hit on Joshua Dobbs during a recent game.

Key Takeaway

Kareem Jackson, Denver Broncos safety, has been suspended for four games for an illegal hit on Joshua Dobbs during a game against the Minnesota Vikings. This is the second suspension for Jackson this season, following a prior ban that was reduced from four games to two. It remains to be seen whether Jackson will appeal his latest suspension.

The Incident

The tackle occurred just seconds into the Denver Broncos’ game against the Minnesota Vikings. Jackson launched himself into Dobbs’ face in an attempt to bring down the quarterback. Replays of the hit clearly show Jackson making contact with Dobbs’ chin using the crown of his helmet, which is strictly prohibited by NFL rules.

NFL executive, Jon Runyan, announced the suspension on Monday afternoon, stating that Jackson had an unobstructed path to his opponent and could have avoided the illegal contact. Runyan emphasized that the league will not tolerate flagrant illegal acts that put players’ safety at risk.

Prior Suspension

This is the second time Kareem Jackson has been suspended this season. On October 23, he was also hit with a four-game ban for an illegal hit on Packers tight end, Luke Musgrave, targeting the head and neck area. However, Jackson appealed the ruling and successfully had the suspension reduced to two games.

Future Actions

It remains uncertain whether Jackson will choose to appeal his recent suspension, although many believe he will. If the punishment is upheld, the 35-year-old Broncos safety will be sidelined without pay until Week 15, when the Broncos face off against the Detroit Lions.