OnlyFans Model Joshua Hopkins Arrested After Brawl At Nobu Bahamas


OnlyFans model and combat veteran Joshua Hopkins found himself in trouble during his recent vacation in the Bahamas. Hopkins was arrested following a violent altercation that took place at the renowned restaurant, Nobu Bahamas, on Paradise Island. The entire brawl was captured on video, revealing a chaotic scene that involved punches, kicks, and even a woman smashing a glass bottle over Hopkins’ head.

Key Takeaway

OnlyFans model Joshua Hopkins was arrested and jailed after a brawl at Nobu Bahamas. The altercation occurred when Hopkins made eye contact with a couple who then confronted him, leading to a violent clash. Hopkins decided not to press charges against the couple, but they pressed charges against him, resulting in his arrest. Despite the incident, Hopkins has chosen to move on from the situation.

The Origins of the Brawl

Prior to the incident, Joshua Hopkins and his friend, Jason Luv, a famous exotic dancer and porn star, had gone to Nobu for dinner during their getaway. At first, everything seemed fine as guests approached Luv for photos. However, trouble started brewing when Luv left the table, leaving Hopkins alone. A couple sitting nearby began staring at Hopkins, prompting him to make eye contact with them. Suddenly, the woman stood up, shouting obscenities at Hopkins, and her husband joined in, getting in his face and getting physical.

A Violent Backlash

In the heat of the moment, the confrontation escalated into a full-blown brawl in the middle of the restaurant. Shocked onlookers and staff members attempted to intervene, but their efforts proved futile. The recorded footage shows Hopkins exchanging blows with other patrons while chaos unfolds around them.

Consequences and Legal Troubles

Although Hopkins initially had no intention of pressing charges against the couple, they decided to file charges against him instead. Consequently, the police arrived at Hopkins’ location the next day and arrested him for assault and property damage. He spent three days in jail and incurred an $800 fine as a result. Hopkins also received medical treatment for a cut sustained during the altercation.

Moving Forward

Despite the ordeal, Joshua Hopkins has chosen not to pursue legal action against the couple. He believes they were intoxicated and did not want to ruin their vacation any further. Hopkins maintains that Jason Luv was not involved in the fight and was actually engaging with fans at the front of the restaurant when the brawl erupted.