Kanye West Takes Legal Action Against Leaked Music On Instagram


Kanye West is taking legal action against an Instagram account that has been allegedly leaking his unreleased music. In a recent court filing, Kanye is suing the anonymous individuals behind the Instagram page @DaUnreleasedGod, accusing them of misappropriating his trade secrets by sharing his unreleased tracks.

Key Takeaway

Kanye West is suing the individuals behind the Instagram account @DaUnreleasedGod for leaking his unreleased music. He claims that the leaks violated confidentiality agreements that were signed by those who had access to the tracks. Kanye intends to amend the lawsuit once he discovers the identities of the people behind the account.

In the complaint, Kanye acknowledges that he does not know the identity of the people behind the IG page. However, he believes that they had previously worked with him and had signed confidentiality agreements before gaining access to the unreleased music. Kanye argues that these leaks have violated those agreements.

Currently, the filing does not include the names of the individuals behind the @DaUnreleasedGod account. Kanye plans to amend the lawsuit once he learns their identities.

Continued Leaks of Kanye’s Music

Since March 2023, Kanye claims to have seen a total of 21 leaks of his music on @DaUnreleasedGod’s Instagram account, along with 11 leaks on their Twitter handle. The leaked songs range from potential collaborations with DJ Khaled and DaBaby to unreleased tracks from his “Donda” and “Jesus Is King” albums. Additionally, reference tracks for Rihanna and are among the leaked materials.

It is worth noting that last week, Kanye privately played some of his new music for Steve Lacy in Ireland, suggesting that he is planning a musical comeback. However, with this legal battle over leaked music, it remains to be seen whether it will affect Kanye’s anticipated return to the spotlight.