Jimmy Kimmel Discusses Potential Departure From Late-Night Show


Jimmy Kimmel, the beloved host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC, recently hinted at the possibility of not renewing his contract for the long-running late-night show. While he didn’t provide a definitive statement about his departure, Kimmel suggested that his current hosting contract might be his last.

Key Takeaway

Jimmy Kimmel hinted at the possibility of not renewing his contract for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” but did not provide a definitive statement about his departure from the long-running late-night show.

Considering the Future

In a conversation with the L.A. Times, Kimmel discussed his upcoming role as the host of the Oscars and touched on the topic of his late-night show. He expressed that he is contemplating his next career moves and implied that he may not continue hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” beyond his current contract.

Previous Retirement Remarks

This isn’t the first time Kimmel has mentioned the possibility of retiring. In the past, he had expressed his intention to retire before the writers’ strike, but ultimately decided to continue with the show. Kimmel has also shared that he enjoys staying busy and engaging in various projects, making hosting an ideal fit for him.

Future Plans

While Kimmel has not confirmed his departure, he mentioned that he envisions pursuing different hobbies in retirement rather than taking it easy after leaving “Kimmel Live!” Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future as a late-night host, Kimmel’s fans can continue to enjoy his show as long as it lasts.