Jamie Lee Curtis’ Stunning ‘Halloween’ House Sells For $1.68 Million: A Horror Fan’s Dream Come True


The iconic house that served as the backdrop for one of the most beloved horror movies of all time, “Halloween,” has found a new owner, selling for an impressive $1.68 million. This sale couldn’t have come at a better time, as the spooky season reaches its climax.

Key Takeaway

The famous house from the movie “Halloween” has been sold for

.68 million, providing a lucrative investment opportunity for the new owner.

A Piece of Horror History

This South Pasadena, CA home became synonymous with terror when it was featured in the 1978 horror classic “Halloween.” The character portrayed by the talented actress Jamie Lee Curtis called this house her home. Now, this piece of horror history has changed hands, allowing a lucky buyer to own a slice of cinema nostalgia.

A Lucrative Investment

The house, which was listed for $1.8 million last month, was sold for $1.68 million. Despite the slight reduction in price, it’s still an impressive sum for a property with such an iconic past. What makes it even more appealing is that the house has been transformed into a 3-unit property, with the potential for the garage to be converted into a 4th unit known as an ADU (accessory dwelling unit).

An Ideal Rental Opportunity

The lucky buyer of this atmospheric house will not only own a piece of horror movie history, but they will also have the opportunity to generate excellent rental income from the property. The three existing units offer a range of accommodations, including a large 1-bedroom suite with a spacious porch, a 3-bedroom unit with 1 bathroom, and a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit. The potential addition of the ADU will further enhance the rental possibilities.

A Family Legacy

The previous owners of the “Strode” home, as it’s affectionately known, were the grandparents of the seller. The family has cherished this property for generations, and in 1948, they even built a second structure over the garage. Now, the new owner will continue this legacy, preserving the history of the house for years to come.


The sale of Jamie Lee Curtis’ “Halloween” house for $1.68 million is a testament to the enduring popularity and significance of this iconic horror film. The buyer, not only acquiring a stunning property with historical value, but also gaining an incredible investment opportunity. This unique piece of cinema history will continue to captivate horror fans and movie enthusiasts for years to come.