James Harrison Blames NFL Rules For Nick Chubb’s Injury


Blaming the NFL’s Tackling Rules

Harrison stated, “You’ve gotten to a point where if a guy goes up there and hits you high and he hits you in the head, now they fine you. What do you have to do? Now guys are going low. That’s what the game has turned into.”

Key Takeaway

James Harrison blames the NFL’s tackling rules for Nick Chubb’s season-ending injury. He believes that the current emphasis on avoiding high hits has led defenders to target low, resulting in more knee injuries. However, not everyone agrees with Harrison’s viewpoint.

Taking it a step further, Harrison admitted that if he were still playing today, he would have likely caused similar injuries in an effort to avoid penalties and fines from NFL officials. He believes that more players would have been injured if he had specifically targeted their legs.

Not everyone agrees with Harrison’s perspective, however. Former NFL player and current broadcaster Nate Burleson stated on Tuesday that he believed Fitzpatrick could have done more to avoid hurting Chubb.

Chubb’s Recovery Process

As for the 27-year-old running back, he has yet to comment publicly on the hit as he undergoes surgeries to repair the damage done to his ligaments.