Former Raiders RB Napoleon McCallum Advises Nick Chubb On Considering Future Life


Former Oakland Raiders running back Napoleon McCallum, who experienced a near career-ending knee injury in 1994, is offering advice to Cleveland Browns star Nick Chubb in light of Chubb’s recent knee injury.

Key Takeaway

Former NFL player Napoleon McCallum advises Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb to carefully consider his future life before returning to the football field following a knee injury. McCallum, who suffered a severe knee injury during his playing days, emphasizes the importance of weighing the potential long-term impact and exploring alternative options. He wishes Chubb the best in making a decision that aligns with his overall well-being.

A Message for Nick Chubb

If given the opportunity, McCallum says he would sit down with Chubb to discuss the importance of considering all options before returning to the football field full-time. He emphasizes the need to weigh the potential impact on Chubb’s future life and the opportunities he can have with family and friends.

Having personally gone through a more severe injury, McCallum understands the challenges Chubb will face on his road to recovery. McCallum not only tore ligaments but also ruptured an artery and severed a nerve during a game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Considering Life Beyond Football

McCallum emphasizes that Chubb should at least entertain the idea of not returning to football, as McCallum himself had to accept the end of his playing career. While acknowledging that leaving the sport can be difficult, McCallum wishes Chubb the very best in making the decision that is right for him.

McCallum’s Recovery Journey

Despite the challenges he faced, McCallum shares that he recently underwent leg surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now doing remarkably well.