Ja Rule Defends Drake And DJ Khaled’s Silence On Israel-Hamas War


Rapper Ja Rule believes that artists Drake and DJ Khaled should not be expected to make public comments about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. He argues that they should be given time and space to decide whether or not they want to address the issue.

Key Takeaway

Ja Rule supports Drake and DJ Khaled’s decision to stay silent on the Israel-Hamas conflict, arguing that artists should not be obligated to make public comments on political matters. He believes that individuals, including celebrities, need time to process and understand breaking news before expressing their opinions.

Why the Controversy?

The controversy arose when DJ Vlad, who is Jewish, called out Drake for being the world’s most famous Jewish person, and Khaled for being the most recognizable Palestinian. Both artists have remained silent about the conflict, in which Hamas terrorists have been accused of gruesome acts such as beheading babies and raping women, as well as causing the deaths of over 1,000 people and taking more than 200 hostages.

Unfair Criticism

Ja Rule argues that the criticism of Drake and DJ Khaled is unfair, as some artists prefer to avoid anything related to politics. He believes that celebrities, like everyone else, need time to process breaking news and have a proper understanding of the situation before they can respond adequately.

Time for Reflection

The rapper emphasizes the importance of allowing individuals to digest information and gain real knowledge before expressing their opinions. He suggests that they should not be subjected to public backlash without being given the chance to properly understand the situation.

Prioritizing Peace

Ja Rule, who was attending the Pencils of Promise Gala in New York City, also shared his thoughts on the human condition and the need for peace. He believes that sensitive topics, such as conflicts, should be approached delicately, based on his personal experience and the impact it had on him.