Bill Maher Criticizes Critics Of Western Civilization, Defends Israel


Bill Maher, renowned television host and political commentator, recently spoke out against progressives and academics who criticize Israel as an “outpost of Western civilization.” In a fiery segment on his show “Real Time,” Maher argued that Western civilization is responsible for the freedoms and opportunities that we cherish.

Key Takeaway

Bill Maher passionately defends Western civilization against critics who decry Israel as a representation of it. He highlights the absurdity of supporting Hamas, arguing that it inherently promotes violence and oppression. Maher emphasizes the importance of the core values of Western civilization and challenges the notion that “Western civ” is to blame for societal problems.

Maher Highlights Absurdity of Supporting Hamas

During the segment, Maher expressed disbelief at the growing movement in America that justifies the actions of Hamas towards Israel. He contended that those who support Hamas are essentially endorsing domestic violence, homophobia, and child marriage, as these are all part of the Hamas playbook. Maher stressed that his criticism is not directed towards Palestinians as a whole, highlighting evidence that the majority do not support Hamas. Instead, he drew a parallel between the terrorism central to Hamas and the fundamental freedoms that have defined Western civilization for centuries.

Defending Western Civilization

Maher emphasized the importance of the core values of Western civilization, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to a fair trial, and women’s rights. He argued that attributing societal problems to Western civilization is a flawed perspective, suggesting that “Western civ” has become a convenient scapegoat for progressives and academics who believe that “white people ruin everything.”

The Realities Under Hamas Rule

Maher also pointed out that life under Hamas rule does not improve the conditions for the people living under its control. By highlighting the stark contrast between the basic freedoms and protection of human rights offered by Western civilization and the oppressive nature of Hamas, Maher underscored the significance of defending Western values.