Bill Maher Calls For Public Schools To Emulate Catholic Schools


On Friday night, Bill Maher took a critical stance on the state of public schools, arguing that they are failing both students and teachers. He presented a compelling argument for revisiting the traditional approach to education in order to address the alarming issues plaguing the system.

Key Takeaway

Bill Maher believes that public schools need to undergo a significant transformation in order to overcome their current challenges. He proposes looking to the success of Catholic schools and emulating their effective educational practices, while removing the religious aspect. Maher’s argument highlights the urgent need for reform in the education system to prioritize the well-being and success of both students and teachers.

The Troubling Reality of Public Schools

Maher presented a series of graphic videos that depicted the struggles faced by teachers in public schools. These videos showcased incidents of violence against teachers, including beatings, kicks, and other forms of physical attacks. Shockingly, statistics show that one in seven teachers has been a victim of such violence perpetrated by their own students.

According to Maher, one of the main causes of this unfortunate situation is the lack of support from parents. Once upon a time, parents stood by the side of teachers, acknowledging their authority. However, in recent times, it appears that parents are more prone to side with their children, making it difficult to enforce discipline and maintain a safe learning environment.

Maher humorously pointed out that where children used to resemble pop star Britney Spears in her famous music video, they now resemble individuals involved in dangerous activities. This shift in behavior and appearance among today’s youth highlights the need for a change in the education system.

The Success of Catholic Schools

One unexpected solution proposed by Maher is to model public schools after Catholic schools, which consistently produce excellent results. Maher suggested adopting the effective educational practices of Catholic schools, minus the religious affiliation. In other words, creating a secular version of Catholic schools, devoid of what he referred to as “the bullsh*t.”

Interestingly, Maher also questioned the allure of celebrities like LeBron James, George Clooney, and Kanye West opening their own schools. He expressed skepticism about whether such star power truly enhances the quality of education offered.