Bill Maher Slams Critics Of MrBeast And Others Who Perform Good Deeds


Bill Maher, the renowned host of “Real Time,” recently expressed his frustration with individuals who criticize influencers like MrBeast, despite their remarkable efforts to make a positive impact on society. Maher goes as far as labeling these critics as “f**king idiots.”

Key Takeaway

Bill Maher passionately defends influencers like MrBeast, who are dedicated to making a positive impact through their philanthropic endeavors. He criticizes those who lazily condemn acts of kindness and sheds light on the irrationality of such criticisms.

Understanding the Criticisms

Maher acknowledges that some may struggle to comprehend why individuals like MrBeast receive criticism for their charitable acts. MrBeast, a highly popular YouTuber with an astounding 38 billion views, is an epitome of the current climate where acts of kindness are often lazily condemned by critics.

One of MrBeast’s notable endeavors involved donating a substantial sum to doctors to fund cataract surgeries, effectively restoring the eyesight of those suffering from blindness. However, outlets like Buzzfeed criticized him, insinuating that he regarded disabilities as something that needed to be “solved.” Such condemnation is truly bewildering.

More Than Generosity

MrBeast’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond the realm of blind restoration. For instance, he funded the construction of 100 wells in various locations across Africa, providing clean drinking water to an estimated 500,000 people. Despite the significant impact of his actions, a charity criticized him, arguing that he, as a white male with a large platform, was seizing attention away from others. Maher aptly points out the absurdity of this criticism, stating, “You know what else is frustrating? Dying of thirst.”

An African orphanage was also a beneficiary of MrBeast’s generosity when he financed its reconstruction. However, he was unreasonably targeted as the classic “white savior” figure. It seems that even acts of benevolence cannot escape the harsh scrutiny of critics.

Craziness in Government

Maher highlights the unsettling fact that this tendency to criticize extends beyond individuals and infiltrates institutions such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH proposed removing the term “disability” because it allegedly implies that disabled individuals are inherently flawed and in need of repair. Maher provocatively suggests that if ever he were to lose his sight or hearing, he would prefer people to fix him rather than praise him.

A Season of Giving

As we find ourselves in the season of giving, Maher questions why society is quick to condemn those who engage in altruism. Instead of appreciating the efforts of individuals like MrBeast, critics choose to scrutinize their motives and actions.