Drake’s Dad Dennis Graham Stands By His Silence On Israel-Hamas Conflict


Drake’s Dad Supports His Son’s Decision to Stay Silent

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, has voiced his support for his son’s silence regarding the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza. According to Dennis, any commentary from Drake on the matter would face backlash in the court of public opinion.

Key Takeaway

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, supports his son’s decision to remain silent on the Israel-Hamas conflict, believing that any commentary would lead to public backlash. Despite criticism from social media and expectations to use his platform, Drake’s dad stands by him and believes that addressing hot-button issues can often do more harm than good for celebrities.

In a recent interview at LAX, Dennis made it clear that he had not discussed the situation with Drake, who is of Jewish heritage. However, he believes that the crisis is undoubtedly affecting Drake just like it is impacting everyone else.

Criticism on Social Media

DJ Vlad, an influential figure on social media, has been calling out Drake and DJ Khaled, who is of Palestinian descent, for not using their influential platforms to speak on the crisis. However, Dennis argues that celebrities often face significant backlash when they publicly address such hot-button issues, and believes that Drake would be no exception.

Supportive of Drake’s Work

Despite the controversy surrounding Drake’s silence, Dennis remains supportive of his son’s work. During the interview, he proudly sported “For All the Dogs” merchandise, showcasing his unwavering support for Drake.

Dennis also addressed the recent news of Drake taking a break from music due to stomach issues. While he is not Drake’s doctor, he echoed Drake’s statement that the hiatus is minor and not a major cause for concern.

Co-Parenting Routine

When asked about Drake’s co-parenting routine, Dennis revealed that he is aware of the family dynamics but prefers to mind his own business. As the father of a globally famous musician, he remains informed to a certain extent, but respects the privacy of Drake’s personal life.