Irina Shayk Spotted At Tom Brady’s Condo Amidst Criticism Of Dating Life Intrusions


Supermodel Irina Shayk made headlines when she was seen entering Tom Brady’s condo building in New York City. This comes as a surprise considering Shayk had recently expressed her frustration with the media’s coverage of her dating life.

Key Takeaway

Irina Shayk’s visit to Tom Brady’s condo building has sparked interest as it comes after her criticism of media attention towards her dating life. Despite their split, Shayk’s appearance at Brady’s residence raises questions about their current relationship status.

The Curious Entrance

Arriving at the lavish complex, Shayk donned an all-black, leather outfit. What caught people’s attention was her decision to use the front door, where paparazzi were gathered, instead of the more discreet private entrance away from cameras.

In a recent interview with Elle, Shayk had expressed her disdain for the attention her love life receives. This makes her decision to enter through the main entrance all the more perplexing.

Uncertainty Surrounding Shayk’s Visit

It remains unclear why Shayk paid a visit to Brady’s condo building, as sources have confirmed that they are not back together after their split last month. During the interview with Elle, Shayk refused to comment on her romance with Brady or on any potential rekindling of her relationship with Bradley Cooper.

Shayk and Brady were first reported to be dating in the summer and continued to spend time together despite Shayk’s vacation with Cooper, during which she posted provocative photos of herself. However, their relationship ultimately fizzled out and came to an end in October.

Recent Halloween Reunion

Following the breakup with Brady, Shayk was spotted spending Halloween night with Cooper. The two wore matching costumes while enjoying some festive trick-or-treating with their daughter.