New Food Truck Venture: Bradley Cooper’s Ex Irina Shayk And Gigi Hadid Among First Customers


Bradley Cooper, the renowned actor and Philadelphia native, has embarked on a new culinary venture with the launch of his food truck, Danny & Coop. Teaming up with Danny DiGiampietro, owner of Angelo’s Pizzeria in South Philly, Cooper is bringing the flavors of his hometown to the streets of NYC. And it seems that he had some familiar faces showing their support as some of the food truck’s first customers.

Key Takeaway

Bradley Cooper’s new food truck venture, Danny & Coop, has attracted attention with familiar faces such as ex-partner Irina Shayk and current girlfriend Gigi Hadid visiting as some of its first customers. Despite their romantic history, Cooper and Shayk displayed amicable co-parenting skills, while Hadid paid for her food, dispelling any notion of receiving special treatment. The success of Cooper’s food truck is evidenced by the presence of other notable figures, such as Laura Dern, who also enjoyed a meal at the truck.

Familiar Faces and Friendly Encounters

Among the first to visit Cooper’s food truck were his ex-partner, Irina Shayk, and their daughter, as well as his current girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid. Despite their past romantic history, Cooper and Shayk demonstrated their co-parenting skills as they engaged in a friendly exchange along with their daughter, Lea. It’s worth noting that Shayk has been making headlines with her rumored new flame, football star Tom Brady, but Cooper and Shayk seem to have maintained a cordial relationship.

Strong Connections and Culinary Success

While Shayk and Cooper’s relationship may have fizzled out, his romance with Gigi Hadid appears to be going strong. Hadid paid a visit to the food truck and was seen pulling out her card to pay for her cheesesteak, dispelling any notion of special treatment for being Cooper’s girlfriend.

It seems that Cooper’s food truck venture has been a hit, drawing not only Shayk and Hadid but also actress Laura Dern, who was spotted enjoying a bite to eat alongside Hadid. Although Cooper and Hadid have not officially confirmed their relationship, they have been spotted together on numerous cozy outings in NYC, shortly after Hadid reportedly ended her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.