Henry Winkler Disappointed As Patrick Mahomes Bails On Dinner Plans


It seems even superstars can let you down sometimes. In a surprising turn of events, Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, has allegedly left actor Henry Winkler hanging on a dinner invitation. Winkler revealed this disappointing news during an autograph signing session in Los Angeles, expressing his disappointment that Mahomes seemed to have “fibbed” to him.

Key Takeaway

Henry Winkler, known for his iconic role as “The Fonz” on the television show “Happy Days,” has shared his disappointment in Patrick Mahomes allegedly backing out of a dinner invitation. The two developed a close friendship but have yet to enjoy the anticipated meal together. The quarterback’s recent responsibilities as a new father may be a contributing factor to the delay in their dinner plans.

A Bromance Gone Wrong

The unlikely friendship between Winkler and Mahomes began when they met in person on the sidelines of a Chiefs vs. Chargers game in 2022. Instantly hitting it off, the two developed a bromance that led to the dinner plans. Winkler had planned to treat Mahomes to his famous chicken stuffed with ricotta, a recipe he was excited to share with the young quarterback.

A Broken Promise

However, it appears that Mahomes has reneged on the dinner date. Despite the initial agreement and the anticipation of a delicious homemade meal, the quarterback has seemingly ghosted Winkler. This incident has left the actor feeling defeated and saddened by the turn of events.

Is Parenthood to Blame?

It’s important to consider that Mahomes has been preoccupied with the arrival of his newborn son during the offseason. Perhaps this new addition to his family has contributed to the delay in honoring the dinner invitation. Winkler remains hopeful that Mahomes will eventually make good on their plans, even if it means waiting until 2024 to share a meal together.

While it remains uncertain when or if this dinner will ultimately take place, fans of both Winkler and Mahomes can only hope that the dinner plans will be revisited in the future. Until then, Henry Winkler will have to make do without the opportunity to showcase his culinary skills to the football superstar.