Gloria Allred Hired By Minor’s Family Amidst Josh Giddey Investigation


Gloria Allred is no stranger to high-profile cases, and now she can add another one to her impressive resume. The renowned attorney has been hired by the family of the girl who is at the center of the investigation involving Oklahoma City Thunder star, Josh Giddey. Law enforcement authorities are working to determine if Giddey had an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Key Takeaway

Renowned attorney Gloria Allred has been hired by the family of the minor involved in the investigation of Oklahoma City Thunder player Josh Giddey. Allred’s involvement raises questions about her role in the case, and her track record suggests she will vigorously fight for her clients. The ongoing investigation aims to uncover crucial details about the alleged relationship.

Why Allred’s involvement?

With Allred now representing the family, it raises questions about her role in the case. It is possible that she might be working closely with the authorities, aiding in the investigation. Additionally, she may also be in discussions with Giddey’s legal team regarding a potential settlement. When contacted, Allred’s response was succinct, “We represent the family and we have no comment.”

Allred’s track record in taking on high-profile cases speaks for itself. She has famously represented numerous women in cases involving misconduct, including over 50 women who accused Bill Cosby and several women who accused former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner of inappropriate behavior.

The ongoing investigation

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the alleged relationship between Giddey and the minor. The key details such as the girl’s age, the state where the incidents allegedly took place, and the nature of their relationship are yet to be disclosed publicly.

The investigation is expected to be a lengthy process. Regardless of the outcome, it is evident that the family has chosen a fierce advocate in Allred to represent their interests.