Georgia Woman Smashes Street Performer’s Piano During Billy Joel Song


A woman in Georgia has caused quite a stir after she aggressively destroyed a street performer’s piano in the middle of his rendition of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” The incident, captured on video and now going viral on social media, has sparked outrage and divided public opinion.

Key Takeaway

A woman in Georgia has faced widespread criticism after violently smashing a street performer’s piano during his performance of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” The incident, captured on video, has sparked outrage and highlighted the importance of respecting artists and their craft. While the perpetrator has apologized and sought reconciliation, the damage caused remains significant.

The Woman’s Unsettling Actions

The video begins with the woman, later identified as Shauntae Heard, approaching the street performer named Andrew. As he passionately plays and sings “Piano Man” on the sidewalk in Athens, GA, she unexpectedly slams her hands on the piano keys, interrupting his performance. This bizarre act of disruption shocks onlookers and undermines the artist’s hard work.

If that wasn’t enough, the woman returns later in the evening to repeat her destructive behavior. This time, she forcefully strikes the piano once again, causing it to topple to the ground. It is unclear in the video whether she takes money from the performer’s tip jar, as Andrew claims.

An Apology and Attempted Reconciliation

After the video went viral, Shauntae Heard issued an apology for her actions. She expressed remorse, acknowledging that her behavior was both wrong and ignorant. However, she pleaded for her family to be spared from any consequences, emphasizing that the problem lies solely with her.

Furthermore, Heard asserts that she did not steal any money and did not deliberately break the piano. In her plea for understanding, she reminds everyone that people make mistakes and that she is no exception. She recognizes that her actions were far from perfect and admits that there have been worse incidents in the area.

Following her public apology, Heard spoke with the street performer over the phone, and he accepted her apology. Although attempting to make amends, the incident has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both the artist and the community.