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Billie Eilish | Latest News, Songs, Tours, Net Worth

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If you still don’t know who Billie Eilish is, you must be living under a rock. This impossibly talented singer-songwriter changed the pop scene forever with her soulful songs, a fresh breath of air from the saturated market filled with sexual lyrics.  Her songs are filled with a depth of sophistication beyond her years, making the whole world curious about the young lady behind the haunting songs and creepy music videos. Get ready to find out all you want to know about Billie Eilish with us now!

Billie Eilish Age, Height and More

  • Date of Birth: 18 December 2001
  • Height: 5’4 / 163cm
  • Weight: 134Ibs / 61kg
  • Horoscope: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: American

Who is Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish’s full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. She is an award-winning musician, singer, and songwriter. She co-writes most of her songs with her brother named Finneas O’Connell. Billie Eilish got noticed after uploading her first hit song “Ocean Eyes” in 2015 to SoundCloud. The song instantly became a huge hit and went viral in 2016.

Billie Eilish Personal Life

Early Life and Family

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell was born to American actor Patrick O’Connell and American actress and singer-songwriter Maggie Baird on December, 18th 2001, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a Sagittarius which people believed made her the strong-willed, leader, and independent person that she has become. Billie Eilish still lives with her parents in the two-bedroom home situated in the northeast part of Los Angeles that she grew up in.

Eilish was homeschooled ever since young. Her mother is a songwriter and taught her songwriting at a homeschool program. She wrote her first song at 4 and joined the Angeles Children’s Chorus when she was 8. Growing up, she was a massive fan of Justin Bieber and the Beatles. She joined the Angeles Children’s Chorus at age 8 and from there started composing and writing songs. She started getting more serious with her singing career at the age of 11.

Despite her talent for songwriting and singing, dancing is her true passion. She had a leg injury when she was 13 that never quite recovered, and fell into depression. It was ironically around that period when she became a worldwide sensation. She even went through a self-harm phase, though she finally recovered from her depression when she reached 17.

Eilish’s main collaborator is her older brother Finneas O’ Connell, who is 22 years old. He is also a singer as well as a record producer and an actor (he acted in three episodes of Glee). Finneas assists in writing Eilish’s songs and produces them. He is more or less her manager; he goes on tours with her and plays instruments for her songs as a backup instrumentalist.

Finneas also performs as a solo artist and has released many singles. He released a debut EP, Blood Harmony, on the 4th of October, 2019. Eilish loves spending time with her brother as they share the same creative thoughts. They also attributed her success to their sibling connection in making music, which makes her music unique. 

Eilish’s Love Life: Who is Billie Eilish Dating?

Like all of us here, you must be curious about Billie Eilish’s love life. Given her unique style in both fashion and music, how is her partner going to be like? What type of person does she like? Eilish had claimed that she was in fact, like every other teenage girl, obsessed with Justin Bieber. She was not just a fan of Justin Bieber, she was in love with him. Her Bieber phase was not normal, as she’d confessed to The Guardian. “Everything about me was about him, and everything I did was for him. It was so miserable.

Billie Eilish also revealed about her first kiss in a concert to her fans, and even name-dropped her ex before promptly launching into “Bad Guy”. The guy was Henry Whitford, had said her kiss was really not as magical at all as I thought it was going to be”. This caused her fans, who were naturally outraged, to roast Whitford on Instagram once they’d found out that he was friends with her on the platform.

It was even rumored a while back that Billie Eilish was dating Bhad Bhabie. Eilish denied this rumor saying that she merely treated her as her baby sister. In fact, though she sings of gay love in her controversial “Wish You Were Gay”, the song actually referred to her falling in love with a homosexual guy.  But you must be wondering, who exactly is Billie Eilish dating now? This still remains vague, for despite Eilish’s fame, she seems to keep her private life under wraps. Everything about her romantic life is entirely off the radar, so it seems she is focusing now on self-love. After all, in an August 2019 interview with 3voor12, she’d said, while gesturing to herself, “I’m in love with myself. … I’m in love with her.” 

Billie Eilish Career

How Billie Eilish became Famous

Billie Eilish unexpectedly became famous at the age of 13. This happened when her dance teacher in 2015 asked her to write an original song for a choreographed dance, well with the aid of her brother they came up with a hit single called “Ocean Eyes”. It was uploaded to the famous music streaming site called SoundCloud. As she had only planned the song to be heard by only her dance teacher, it was a huge surprise to her when she woke up to see her song going viral. This was the beginning of her foray into the entertainment industry as a singer and a songwriter. To date, she and her brother are doing great exploits as Grammy-winning musicians.  

From there Eilish released an EP with four remixes of “Ocean eyes”. Because of the huge success of these remixes, she also released a single on Feb 24, called “Bellyache”, and the video was released the following month. In the same year, her song “Bored” was included in the soundtrack of Selena Gomez-produced Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why. In 2019 she collaborated with the popular Vince staples to release the remix of her song “watch”. That same year she also released her full album titled When we fall asleep, where do we go?.

The Artistry of Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Music Genre and Songs

Billie Eilish had told Billboard, “I hate the idea of genres,” which explains the distinct lack of any particular style in her music. Her music is a fantastical blend of indie pop, emo-pop, trap, goth-pop, electropop, alternative pop, dark pop, and EDM.

Though not belonging to a specific genre, she told Milk that her songs are shaped by rap and hip-hop and R&B influences. So while her songs are usually slow, they are still rhythmic, for she believes that “if a song doesn’t make you or you can’t dance to it, then it’s not a song.”

This unique musical style, together with her silvery, supernal vocals, has captivated a diverse audience worldwide. Young fans connect with her raw, honest lyrics that speak to them, and the fact that she is so different from carefully packaged pop idols. Her dark, heartrending lyrics also appeal to an older generation who have gone through the same teenage angst.

She works closely with her brother Finneas to write her songs. Her brother helps write songs that describe what Eilish truly wants to tell and also in a style that will befit her voice telling the story.

Her single Bad Guy” topped the Billboard hot 100, making her the first artiste born in the 21st century to have a number one song in the Hot 100. 

At 18, Eilish also became the youngest artist ever to produce a song for the Bond franchise when she recorded the theme song No Time To Die” for the upcoming James Bond film of the same name, starting Daniel Craig. According to Eilish, and her brother, they hit a major writer’s block, and only finally came up with the song while on a tour bus. The song topped the UK chart and became her first number one single in the UK. With that, she also became the first artiste born in the 21st century to top the UK chart.

Billie Eilish First Self-Directed Video – Xanny

Though Eilish has always wanted to direct her videos since she was about 14 years, she had no opportunity due to limited experience. Still, she conquered that when she directed her first video for her song “Xanny” in 2019.

 The video shows her in an all-white outfit, with dark brown hair so atypical of her style. As the song continues, you will see people putting out cigarette on her face. You get increasingly uncomfortable as she gets more and more cigarette burns. The video is a visual representation of how you’d feel when you see people using drugs. She has never touched drugs, claiming that “It’s just not interesting to me. I have other shit to do,” but yet her sadness is evident behind this song’s moving lyrics. And that’s because she had actually seen her peers doing it. This song was born out of her personal experiences of loss and pain when witnessing her own friends experimenting with drugs. She’d said in an interview with The Guardian, “I don’t want my friends to die anymore.”

And by the end of the video, you’d realize that Billie Eilish had actually shaped herself to resemble a cigarette stick from her clothes to her hair. The simple brilliance of the video displays Eilish’s maturity in creative direction, which all of us are expecting more of in the future.

 Albums dropped by Billie Eilish

Although Billie Eilish has several remixes and solo tracks released over the years, she has released only one studio album, one live album, and two EPs. In August 2017, she released her debut EP Don’t smile at me which included hit tracks like “Ocean eyes” and “Bellyache”. She later dropped her first studio album, When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?, on 29th March 2019. One of her singles in the album, “Bad Guy”, went on to reach number one  in Billboard Hot 100. She also recorded a live album Live at third Man Records in Nashville Tennessee which she dropped on 6th Dec 2019.

What is Billie Eilish’s Net Worth?

Billie Eilish’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $15 million as of 2019. Eilish’s primary source of income is from her music. She also makes money from writing songs for others and movie productions. She makes good money from her tours and from merchandise that is sold in her name as well.

Number of Grammys

Billie Eilish is a multiple Grammy awards holder. At this year’s Grammys, she was nominated for six Grammy awards and actually won five of them. She won the Grammys for best pop vocal, best new artist, the best record and best song for “Bad Guy”, and best album for the year. With all these awards, Eilish set a new record in becoming the youngest person to win the best album of the year. Tayler Swift previously held the record when she won it for her 2008 album Fearless at 20 years old.

The Billie Eilish Tour 

Billie Eilish started her first tour in 2017 at the age of 15, the Don’t Smile at Me tour in the U.S. In 2018, she held the Where’s My Mind tour. Then she held the 1 By 1 Tour from 2018 to 2019 in America and Europe. She also held the When We all Fall Asleep world tour in 2019 which started on April 13 in California and ended in Mexico City on November 17. For this year, she has already launched her Where Do We Go? tour, which she kick-started in Miami Florida on March 9 and is expected that this show will be taken to the entire world and the final destination will be in Jakarta Indonesia on September 7.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, Eilish had to postpone the tour indefinitely. She announced on social media, “Unfortunately for everyone’s safety we have to postpone the rest of the shows this year.” Yet, though her tour is postponed, she continues to work on her songs and entertain her fans with her live stream events, such as One World: Together At Home concert organized by Lady Gaga.

Billie Eilish Unique Style and Merch

Much like her music, Billie Eilish’s baggy, vibrant fashion style subverts any genre. This distinct fashion of hers, oddly enough, makes her relatable to teenage girls. Her evolution in both fashion and music gives her a sense of authenticity lacking in other celebrities. Her genuine authenticity makes fans feel that she is a real person like them, growing and changing.

While you may initially dismiss her style as a typical street fashion, she doesn’t shy from experimenting and incorporating luxury brands like Louis Vuitton in her outfits. Her preferred fashion is a creative mix of haute-couture meets skater girl. She loves wearing oversized layers of colorful clothing, showstopping jewelry, and long clawed talons.

And she’s not only a lover of fashion, she loves designing too. If you’re Eilish’s fan, we’re sure you’d want to get your hands on her personally designed goods! Her merch is available on the official Billie Eilish store online. Her merchandise ranges from digital downloads, presale ticket access, limited edition items, hoodies, accessories, tees, and lots more. 


Billie Eilish’s Artistic Growth

She may have started off with dark, even sinister songs of angst and loss, but lately, Eilish is beginning to head to a new direction. When she first catapulted to fame, gossip was rife about her being unable to cope with her meteoric rise to worldwide fame, as she released increasingly depressing songs and videos. This March, while on her Where do we go? world tour, she debuted a short film to call out body-shamers.

The video, entitled  Not My Responsibility, was written and produced by Eilish. It features her alone in pitch darkness as she slowly strips from her iconic baggy clothes down to a black bra and sinks into inky black water. There is nothing provocative about this stripping, rather, you get a sense of empowerment in her signature whispery voice narrating, “If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I’m a slut. Though you’ve never seen my body, you still judge it and judge me for it.” She speaks for every girl, every woman in the world who have been subject to the same form of objectivity.

Fun Facts to know about Billie Eilish

  • Though she loves experimenting with hair colors, Eilish’s real hair color is blonde.
  • She is a vegan.
  • As a child, she has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, though her tics are barely noticeable.
  • For those of you who are wondering, you pronounce her last name Eilish as Eye-lish.
  • She loves horses.
  • She writes everything she feels on her wall.
  • While in quarantine this year, she has fostered two puppies.
  • She has synesthesia, a sensory condition that makes human senses blend together.