Billie Eilish Criticizes Variety For Involuntarily Sharing Her Personal Information On The Red Carpet


Billie Eilish, the talented pop star, found herself in an unexpected situation on the red carpet. In a recent Instagram post, Eilish expressed her frustration towards Variety for outing her and diverting the conversation away from more important matters.

Key Takeaway

Billie Eilish criticizes Variety for outing her on the red carpet and diverting attention from her achievements. She emphasizes the importance of not assuming someone’s sexual orientation without explicit confirmation.

An Awkward Encounter on the Red Carpet

During Variety’s Hitmakers brunch event on Saturday, Billie Eilish was approached by reporter Tiana DeNicola for an interview. Earlier in the week, Variety had published a cover story featuring Eilish, in which she mentioned her fear of women and her admiration for their beauty.

It was during this interview that DeNicola mistakenly assumed that Eilish had intentionally revealed her LGBTQ+ identity in the Variety article. DeNicola followed up by asking Eilish directly if she had meant to come out. Eilish, caught off guard, responded by saying that she didn’t necessarily intend to come out and believed that everyone already knew about her sexuality.

Eilish’s Displeasure with Being Outed

While some media outlets interpreted Eilish’s response as a confirmation of her sexuality, Eilish herself made it clear that she did not appreciate being outed on the red carpet. In her Instagram caption, she expressed frustration towards Variety for overshadowing her accomplishments and focusing on her personal life instead.

Eilish stated, “Thanks, Variety, for my award and for also outing me on a red carpet at 11 am instead of talking about anything else that matters.” She emphasized that her sexual orientation, whether she is attracted to boys or girls, should not be a topic of discussion and requested to be left alone.

The Media’s Responsibility

Billie Eilish’s experience serves as a reminder to the media that assuming someone’s sexual orientation or coming out without explicit confirmation can be harmful. Eilish’s frustration highlights the importance of respecting an individual’s privacy and allowing them to control the narrative surrounding their personal life.