George Clooney’s Lakeside Italian Villa Up For Sale


Renowned actor George Clooney is reportedly bidding farewell to his picturesque abode in Lake Como, Italy, after more than two decades. Speculation is rife that the Hollywood star is putting his expansive waterfront villa on the market, making waves in the real estate world.

Key Takeaway

George Clooney is reportedly selling his iconic lakeside Italian villa in Lake Como. The property, estimated to be worth around $75-$85 million, offers an exceptional opportunity for potential buyers to own a luxurious retreat complete with state-of-the-art amenities.

A Genuine Listing Confirmed by Local Real Estate Agent

Italian media outlet Oggi brings forth the news, claiming to have received confirmation from a reputable local real estate agent involved in the matter. Yasemin Baysal, the agent in question, affirms the veracity of the rumors surrounding the sale, asserting, “The rumors were also going around in previous years, but this time it’s true.” While Baysal refrains from disclosing the specific agency responsible for the transaction, she reveals that a potential buyer has already expressed a keen interest in the property.

Estimated Price Range and Profit Margin

While an exact price tag has not been disclosed, insiders estimate the value of Clooney’s villa to be within the range of $75-$85 million. This figure deviates from previous estimates that valued the property at an astonishing $100 million. Regardless, the potential profits are staggering compared to the initial purchase in 2002, when Clooney acquired the villa for a reported $10 million from the esteemed Heinz family.

George Clooney and his wife, Amal, stand to make an extraordinary return on their investment should the sale go through.

Reasons for Departure

The decision to part ways with their beloved Italian retreat stems from Amal Clooney’s apparent dissatisfaction with the location. According to Oggi, Amal favors the idyllic province of Provence in the South of France, where the couple has recently purchased another estate. The new property, situated in the countryside on a vineyard, boasts privacy and tranquility, unlike their current Como mansion, which has been subject to extensive media attention over the years.

A Luxurious Haven Fit for Royalty

Whoever acquires Clooney’s palatial Como estate will undoubtedly lead a life of opulence. The villa offers an unparalleled array of amenities, including a private gym, a theater, a basketball court, a vegetable garden, private docks, and an astonishing 25 rooms. Its spectacular features make it truly fit for a king or queen.