From Serious Kid To Supermodel: The Transformation Of A Surfer Turned Star


Discovering hidden talent in unexpected places is not uncommon in the world of fame and fortune. Such is the case with one particular individual who, from an unassuming start, rose to become a renowned model and self-proclaimed food enthusiast. Before achieving global recognition, this curly-haired serious kid had a humble beginning as a cashier at a surf shop, living a laid-back life in the coastal city of Huntington Beach, California, while pursing her modeling dreams at the young age of 18.

Key Takeaway

From humble beginnings as a serious kid working at a surf shop, this individual’s transformation into a successful model demonstrates the power of ambition and seizing opportunities. She has not only conquered the fashion industry but also manages to find joy in her personal life, placing emphasis on family and embracing guilty pleasures like reality TV.

A Star is Born

This remarkable individual’s journey to stardom began when destiny presented her with an opportunity that would forever change her life. It was on the popular television show “Deal Or No Deal” that she made her first appearance, holding a briefcase and capturing the attention of millions. From that moment on, her career skyrocketed, and in 2010, she achieved a major milestone by gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated as the coveted “Rookie Of The Year.”

A Life Beyond the Spotlight

While she has certainly made a name for herself in the modeling world, this multifaceted superstar is not just defined by her professional success. Despite her glamorous life, she remains grounded and prioritizes her family, which has now grown to a party of six. When she’s not striking poses or attending high-profile events, she can often be found indulging in her guilty pleasure of watching reality TV shows like “Real Housewives” and “Vanderpump Rules” with her famous husband.