How To Watch The Eddie Surf Contest


Schedule of Events

The Eddie Surf Contest is an iconic big-wave surfing event that is held at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This invitation-only competition is named in honor of legendary Hawaiian surfer Eddie Aikau and showcases the incredible skills of some of the world’s best big-wave riders. The event is only held when the waves reach a minimum height of 20 feet, making it a rare and highly-anticipated spectacle for both surfers and spectators.

The schedule of events for the Eddie Surf Contest is dependent on the surf conditions and can be modified at any time. The event window typically spans from December through February to maximize the chances of catching the massive swells. However, the official call to hold the competition is only made 48 hours in advance, ensuring that surfers can prepare themselves for the intense conditions.

Once the call is made, competitors will gather at Waimea Bay early in the morning to assess the waves and receive their heat assignments. The event kicks off with an opening ceremony that pays tribute to the legacy of Eddie Aikau and sets the stage for the adrenaline-filled day ahead.

The competition is divided into multiple rounds, with each heat featuring a select group of surfers who will battle it out in intense, high-risk waves. The judging criteria prioritize the size, criticality, and overall performance of the rides, making it an unparalleled display of skill, bravery, and mastery of the waves.

Throughout the day, the schedule will be constantly evaluated, ensuring that surfers have the best and safest conditions to showcase their talents. If necessary, breaks will be implemented, allowing surfers and spectators to take a breath and regroup.

The final round of the Eddie Surf Contest is the most anticipated and is often met with high anticipation. As the sun sets over Waimea Bay, the top surfers will go head-to-head in a thrilling battle for the championship title. The winner will be crowned as the champion of the Eddie Aikau Invitational, etching their name into the prestigious history of the event.

It’s important to note that the schedule of events is subject to change based on weather conditions and wave forecasts. The safety of the competitors is always the top priority, and any changes or postponements will be communicated in a timely manner to all involved.

Live Stream Options

If you can’t make it to Waimea Bay to witness the Eddie Surf Contest in person, don’t worry – there are live stream options available that will allow you to experience the excitement from the comfort of your own home.

The Eddie Surf Contest organizers understand the worldwide interest in the event, and they strive to provide high-quality live streaming coverage for fans across the globe. The live stream is typically accessible through the official event website and various social media platforms.

By tuning in to the live stream, you’ll be able to watch every breathtaking moment as the world’s top big-wave surfers tackle the massive waves. The cameras capture the action from multiple angles, offering close-up shots of the surfers and providing a unique perspective on their daring rides.

Alongside the live footage, expert commentators will provide insightful analysis, break down the surf conditions, and offer commentary on the performances of the competing surfers. This adds an extra layer of engagement and helps viewers gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of big-wave surfing.

One of the benefits of watching the live stream is that you won’t miss any of the action. The broadcast typically includes interviews with surfers, organizers, and other individuals involved in the event, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the contest and allowing you to learn more about the competitors and the unique challenges they face.

Another advantage of the live stream is the flexibility it offers. Whether you’re in a different time zone or have prior commitments, you can tune in to the live stream at your convenience. Simply grab your favorite device, connect to the internet, and immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of the Eddie Surf Contest.

It’s important to note that while live streaming provides an excellent opportunity to experience the event remotely, it may not fully capture the raw energy and awe-inspiring nature of being present at Waimea Bay. The thunderous sounds of the pounding surf and the electric atmosphere created by the crowd of spectators are sensations that can only be fully appreciated in person.

Regardless, the live stream options ensure that everyone, regardless of their geographical location, can share in the excitement of the Eddie Surf Contest and witness the mastery of the world’s best big-wave surfers.

Top Competitors to Watch

The Eddie Surf Contest attracts an elite group of big-wave surfers from around the world who possess the skills, experience, and fearlessness required to tackle the monstrous waves at Waimea Bay. Here are some of the top competitors to watch out for in this year’s event:

1. John John Florence: As a Hawaii native, John John Florence is no stranger to the powerful waves of Waimea Bay. With his remarkable talent and incredible wave-reading ability, Florence has established himself as one of the best surfers in the world. His smooth yet aggressive style and ability to push the boundaries of big-wave surfing make him a formidable contender.

2. Kelly Slater: Widely regarded as one of the greatest surfers of all time, Kelly Slater has proven his skill in a range of conditions and has a deep understanding of the ocean. Known for his strategic approach, impeccable wave selection, and precise maneuvers, Slater brings a wealth of experience to the Eddie Surf Contest.

3. Mason Ho: With a distinctive style and a unique approach to big-wave surfing, Mason Ho is always one to watch. Hailing from the North Shore of Oahu, he has grown up in the shadows of legendary surfers and possesses a deep connection to the Hawaiian culture and spirit of riding big waves.

4. Carissa Moore: One of the few women invited to compete in the Eddie Surf Contest, Carissa Moore has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with. A four-time world champion, Moore fearlessly charges into big waves, showcasing her impressive skills and breaking barriers in the male-dominated world of big-wave surfing.

5. Kai Lenny: Known for his versatility and ability to excel in multiple water sports, including big-wave surfing, Kai Lenny is a true waterman. With his incredible athleticism, strong wave knowledge, and ability to adapt to any conditions, Lenny consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of big-wave riding.

These are just a few of the top competitors to keep an eye on during the Eddie Surf Contest. However, it’s important to remember that big-wave surfing can be unpredictable, and every competitor invited to this prestigious event has the skills and determination to make a lasting impression.

So, sit back, tune in to the live stream, and witness the awe-inspiring performances as these talented surfers take on the monstrous waves at Waimea Bay in their quest for victory.

Breakdown of the Scoring System

In order to determine the winners and progression of the Eddie Surf Contest, a comprehensive scoring system is in place. The judges’ panel consists of experienced surfers and officials who carefully assess each ride based on specific criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the scoring system used in the competition:

1. Wave Size: The size of the waves at Waimea Bay plays a crucial role in the scoring process. The judges take into account the height and power of each wave, rewarding surfers who take on the biggest and most critical sections of the wave. The larger the wave, the higher the scoring potential.

2. Commitment and Criticality: Big-wave surfing requires an immense level of commitment and fearlessness. Surfers who demonstrate a high level of commitment by taking off deep and riding through the most critical parts of the wave are rewarded with higher scores. Judges look for surfers who push the limits and perform maneuvers with a high degree of difficulty.

3. Ride Length: With the massive waves of Waimea Bay, the length of the ride is crucial. Surfers who can successfully navigate and maneuver through the wave for a longer duration are more likely to receive higher scores. Sustained control and smooth transitions throughout the ride are highly valued.

4. Maneuvers and Style: Judges evaluate the variety of maneuvers performed throughout the ride. Carving powerful turns, pulling off critical maneuvers, and executing aerial tricks all contribute to a higher score. The quality and style in which these maneuvers are executed also play a significant role in the scoring process.

5. Overall Impression: In addition to the specific criteria mentioned above, the judges also assess the overall impression of the ride. They take into account the flow, energy, and level of intensity displayed by the surfer. The ability to read and adapt to the wave, showcasing style and creativity, can greatly influence the overall impression score.

Each judge assigns a score ranging from 1 to 10 for each wave ridden by a surfer. The highest and lowest scores are then discarded, and the remaining scores are averaged to provide the final score for that ride. This process is repeated for each wave caught by the competitors throughout their respective heats.

At the end of the competition, the surfer with the highest combined scores from their top waves is crowned the champion of the Eddie Surf Contest, reflecting their exceptional performance and mastery of the challenging waves at Waimea Bay.

The scoring system is designed to reward surfers who demonstrate skill, courage, and a deep understanding of big-wave surfing. It encourages risk-taking and pushes athletes to their limits, showcasing the beauty and excitement of this adrenaline-fueled sport.

Tips for Choosing the Best Viewing Spot

Watching the Eddie Surf Contest is an exhilarating experience, but choosing the best viewing spot can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the event. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect location:

1. Get there early: Arriving early will give you the advantage of securing a prime viewing spot. The competition draws a large crowd, and popular viewing areas can quickly become crowded. Plan to arrive well before the event starts to get the best possible vantage point.

2. Research the venue: Familiarize yourself with the layout of Waimea Bay and its surrounding areas. Identify the different viewing options and consider factors such as proximity to the action, visibility, and comfort. Some recommended spots include the beachfront, rocky outcrops, or nearby elevated viewpoints.

3. Check the weather conditions: The weather can greatly impact the viewing experience. High wind, rain, or rough seas can make certain viewing spots less desirable or even inaccessible. Stay informed about the weather forecast and plan accordingly to ensure your comfort and safety.

4. Consider different angles: The Eddie Surf Contest offers a variety of perspectives to observe the action. While the beachfront provides an up-close view, watching from an elevated position can offer a panoramic view of the entire bay. Experiment with different viewpoints to find the one that suits your preferences.

5. Bring binoculars: Binoculars can be valuable for observing the details of the competition, especially if you are farther away from the action. They allow you to zoom in on the surfers, witness intricate maneuvers, and appreciate the raw power of the waves.

6. Be mindful of safety: The Eddie Surf Contest can be a thrilling and intense spectacle, but it’s essential to prioritize your safety. Observe any safety instructions from event organizers, stay a safe distance from the water, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Big-wave surfing can be unpredictable, so it’s crucial to exercise caution.

7. Respect the environment and others: Waimea Bay is a sacred place, deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. Show respect to the land, the beach, and fellow spectators by keeping the area clean, following any guidelines or regulations, and being considerate of others’ viewing experience.

8. Enjoy the atmosphere: The Eddie Surf Contest not only showcases incredible surfing but also creates a unique atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the energy of the event, engage with fellow spectators, and soak in the collective awe and excitement as the surfers take on the massive waves.

Finding the best viewing spot for the Eddie Surf Contest is key to fully appreciating this awe-inspiring event. Consider these tips, plan ahead, and get ready to witness the incredible feats of the world’s top big-wave surfers as they tackle the challenging waves at Waimea Bay.

What to Bring to the Beach

Heading to the beach to watch the Eddie Surf Contest? Make sure you come prepared with these beach essentials to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

1. Sun Protection: The Hawaiian sun can be intense, so don’t forget to pack sun protection essentials. Bring sunscreen with a high SPF, a wide-brimmed hat to shield your face from the sun, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a beach umbrella or tent for shade.

2. Beach Chairs or Blankets: Having a comfortable seating option is essential for a long day at the beach. Bring beach chairs or blankets to relax on and save your energy for cheering on the surfers.

3. Water and Snacks: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially if you’ll be spending several hours at the beach. Bring plenty of water and pack some delicious snacks to keep your energy levels up throughout the event.

4. Portable Cooler: Keep your drinks and snacks cool with a portable cooler. It’s a convenient way to store perishable food items and can come in handy on hot days.

5. Binoculars: Enhance your viewing experience by bringing binoculars along. They allow you to see the surfers up close and appreciate the details of their remarkable maneuvers.

6. Camera or Smartphone: Capture the breathtaking moments of the Eddie Surf Contest by bringing a camera or smartphone with a quality camera. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to document the spectacular rides and memorable experiences.

7. Towels and Extra Clothes: It’s always a good idea to have towels on hand to dry off or lay on. Also, pack extra clothes in case you get wet or want to change after spending time in the water.

8. Cash and ID: Bring some cash for any on-site purchases, such as food from vendors or event merchandise. Additionally, don’t forget to bring your ID for age verification if you plan on purchasing alcoholic beverages.

9. Beach Games and Recreation: Make the most of your time at the beach by bringing some beach games or recreational gear. Frisbees, beach balls, and surfboards can add to the fun and excitement of the day.

10. Trash Bags: Be responsible and help keep the beach clean by bringing trash bags to dispose of any waste properly. Leave the beach as pristine as you found it so that others can enjoy the natural beauty.

Remember to check the event regulations and any additional guidelines provided by the organizers before packing your items. Be prepared, comfortable, and ready to fully enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the Eddie Surf Contest at Waimea Bay.

How to Get Updates and Results in Real-Time

Keeping up with the latest updates and results of the Eddie Surf Contest is essential for anyone who can’t make it to Waimea Bay in person. Fortunately, there are several ways to stay informed and get real-time updates:

1. Official Event Website: The official website of the Eddie Surf Contest is a go-to resource for all event-related information. It often provides live updates, heat schedules, results, and other important announcements. Check the website regularly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

2. Social Media: Follow the official social media accounts of the Eddie Surf Contest to receive instant updates. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are commonly used to share highlight clips, photos, and live updates from the event. Engage with posts, use event-specific hashtags, and join the conversation with other fans.

3. Live Streaming Platforms: In addition to watching the live stream of the contest, certain streaming platforms often feature event-related content, interviews, and real-time updates. Search for the Eddie Surf Contest on popular platforms like YouTube or Twitch to find channels dedicated to the competition.

4. Mobile Apps: Check if there are any official or third-party apps available for the Eddie Surf Contest. These apps can provide live updates, heat schedules, and interactive features that enhance your viewing experience. Download the app in advance, enable push notifications, and stay connected wherever you are.

5. News Outlets: Keep an eye on local and international news outlets that cover surfing events. Websites and news apps often provide updates, articles, and interviews with competitors, giving you a comprehensive overview of the contest progression and highlights.

6. Radio Broadcasts: Some local radio stations may provide live updates and reports on the Eddie Surf Contest. Tune in to these stations, especially those located near Waimea Bay, to get the latest news, interviews, and insights from the event.

7. Community Forums and Online Surfing Communities: Engage with fellow surfing enthusiasts by joining online forums and communities dedicated to the Eddie Surf Contest. These spaces allow you to connect with fans, share updates, discuss predictions, and exchange information in real-time.

It’s important to note that real-time updates may be subject to delays due to technical issues or external factors. Additionally, following multiple sources ensures that you have a comprehensive view of the event and receive information from various perspectives.

By utilizing these methods, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of the Eddie Surf Contest and stay up to date with all the thrilling rides, unexpected twists, and final results as they unfold.

Predictions and Favorites to Win

The Eddie Surf Contest is always full of anticipation and speculation as surf fans eagerly try to predict which riders will excel in the challenging conditions at Waimea Bay. While big-wave surfing can be unpredictable, here are some predictions and favorites to watch out for in this year’s event:

1. John John Florence: With his exceptional talent, local knowledge, and previous success in big-wave competitions, John John Florence is a strong contender. His ability to read the waves and execute critical maneuvers makes him a favorite to win the Eddie Surf Contest.

2. Carissa Moore: As one of the few women invited to compete in the event, Carissa Moore is a standout. With her exceptional skill, fierce determination, and experience in big-wave conditions, Moore has the potential to make history and challenge the male-dominated field.

3. Billy Kemper: Hailing from Maui, Billy Kemper is no stranger to powerful waves. Known for his fearless approach and huge barrel rides, Kemper has proven himself as a standout in big-wave contests and has a solid chance of taking home the title.

4. Kelly Slater: A veteran in the sport, Kelly Slater’s experience and mastery of the ocean make him a top pick. With numerous victories under his belt and a natural affinity for reading waves, Slater is always a formidable force in any competition.

5. Paige Alms: As a standout female big-wave surfer, Paige Alms brings her relentless charge and fearless approach to Waimea Bay. With multiple wins in big-wave competitions, Alms has proven she can handle the treacherous conditions and is a serious contender for the event title.

6. Nathan Florence: Known for his progressive surfing and charging mentality, Nathan Florence is a dark horse in the competition. With his incredible skills and willingness to take on the biggest and most critical sections of the wave, he has the potential to surprise everyone with an impressive performance.

While these surfers are among the top favorites, it’s important to remember that big-wave surfing is unpredictable, and any competitor invited to the Eddie Surf Contest has the talent and capability to make a statement. Conditions can change rapidly, creating opportunities for unexpected contenders to rise to the occasion and produce unforgettable rides.

The Eddie Surf Contest is a showcase of bravery, skill, and a deep connection to the ocean. Regardless of the predictions, it’s the culmination of talent, wave-reading ability, and the willingness to push boundaries that will ultimately determine the winner of this prestigious event.

So, sit back, enjoy the event, and witness the thrilling performances as these incredible athletes take on the monstrous waves at Waimea Bay.

Behind the Scenes Look at the Contest Preparation

The Eddie Surf Contest is not only a showcase of incredible surfing talent, but it’s also a meticulously planned and prepared event. From ensuring the safety of the competitors to coordinating the logistics, there is a collaborative effort that takes place behind the scenes to make the contest a success. Here’s a glimpse into the contest preparation process:

1. Conditions Assessment: In the days leading up to the event, a team of experts closely monitors the swell forecasts and ocean conditions. They analyze the wave height, direction, and consistency to determine if the conditions will meet the minimum requirements of 20-foot waves necessary to hold the contest.

2. Contest Committee: The contest committee, composed of experienced big-wave surfers, event organizers, and officials, is responsible for making crucial decisions regarding the contest. This includes determining the event date, assessing the conditions, and ensuring the safety of the competitors.

3. Surfer Invitations: The selection of surfers invited to compete in the Eddie Surf Contest is a highly anticipated process. A committee carefully reviews the performance and experience of potential candidates, considering their ability to handle the challenging conditions at Waimea Bay. Invitations are sent out to those who have demonstrated exceptional skill in big-wave surfing.

4. Safety Preparations: As safety is paramount, extensive safety measures are put in place. Professional water safety personnel, including jet-ski teams and lifeguards, are on standby throughout the event to ensure the well-being of the surfers. Emergency response protocols and medical personnel are also present to handle any potential injuries or accidents.

5. Sponsorship and Support: The Eddie Surf Contest relies on sponsorship and support from various companies and organizations to cover the costs associated with hosting the event. Sponsorship agreements, media partnerships, and community involvement all play a crucial role in bringing together the necessary resources and support for the contest.

6. Event Infrastructure: Setting up the event infrastructure involves coordinating logistics such as erecting staging areas, setting up judging booths, and creating a safe and comfortable environment for spectators. Ensuring accessibility, security, and amenities for attendees are key focuses during this stage of preparation.

7. Media Coverage: The event organizers work alongside media partners to ensure comprehensive coverage of the contest. This includes arranging for live streaming, interviews with surfers and organizers, and capturing the intense moments of the competition. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for both those attending the event and those watching remotely.

8. Opening Ceremony: The Eddie Surf Contest begins with an opening ceremony that pays tribute to the life and legacy of Eddie Aikau. This ceremony sets the tone for the event, acknowledging the rich history and traditions associated with big-wave surfing in Hawaii.

Months of planning and collaboration go into the preparation of the Eddie Surf Contest, with the ultimate goal of providing an unforgettable experience for surfers, spectators, and the global surfing community. Through careful attention to detail and a commitment to safety and excellence, the organizers work tirelessly to ensure that the contest surpasses expectations year after year.

History of the Eddie Surf Contest

The Eddie Surf Contest, officially known as the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, holds a prestigious place in the world of big-wave surfing. Named after the legendary Hawaiian waterman Eddie Aikau, this event has a rich history that spans over several decades.

Eddie Aikau was not only an exceptional surfer but also a revered figure in the surfing community. Known for his courage, skill, and selflessness, Eddie was a lifeguard at Waimea Bay and became famous for his daring rescues. Tragically, Eddie was lost at sea in 1978 while attempting to paddle for help after the voyaging canoe Hokule’a capsized. His selfless act and devotion to others inspired the creation of the contest in his honor.

The inaugural Eddie Surf Contest took place in 1984, with the goal of honoring Eddie’s memory and showcasing the incredible skill and bravery of big-wave surfers. The event was initially held to celebrate the achievements of Hawaiian surfers and to preserve Eddie Aikau’s legacy as a true waterman.

One of the defining characteristics of the Eddie Surf Contest is the strict wave height requirement. The competition is only held when the waves at Waimea Bay reach a minimum height of 20 feet, ensuring that the surfers are challenged by the massive and powerful swells that make the event truly unique.

The contest quickly became renowned not only for its extraordinary waves but also for the caliber of surfers it attracted. The event organizers hand-select a small group of elite surfers from around the world to compete, with invitations based on their big-wave credentials and respect within the surfing community.

Over the years, many iconic moments have unfolded at the Eddie Surf Contest. From extraordinary rides to dramatic wipeouts, the event has consistently provided a platform for big-wave surfing’s most memorable performances. The contest has become deeply ingrained in Hawaiian culture, upholding the values of courage, community, and respect for the ocean.

The Eddie Surf Contest is not an annual event but rather a rare and special occurrence. It is held only when the waves at Waimea Bay reach the required height and quality, making it a spectacle that draws surfers and spectators from around the world.

The contest has become more than just a surfing competition; it represents a celebration of Eddie Aikau’s legacy and the spirit of aloha that resonates throughout the Hawaiian islands. Through the years, it has continued to capture the hearts and imaginations of surfers and fans alike, solidifying its place as one of the most prestigious and anticipated big-wave contests in the world.

Notable Moments and Highlights from Past Events

The Eddie Surf Contest has provided countless memorable moments throughout its storied history. From jaw-dropping rides to incredible displays of skill and bravery, here are some notable moments and highlights from past events:

1. 1986: In the second edition of the Eddie Surf Contest, big-wave legend Gerry Lopez emerged as the champion. Known for his smooth style and ability to read waves with precision, Lopez showcased his expertise at Waimea Bay, solidifying his status as one of the greatest surfers of his time.

2. 1990: The Eddie Aikau Invitational saw a historic moment when Brock Little scored a perfect 100-point ride. Little fearlessly dropped into a massive set wave, navigated the treacherous barrel, and emerged triumphantly, leaving the crowd in awe of his exceptional performance.

3. 1998: A year of historic significance, the contest was held in honor of Eddie Aikau’s 30th anniversary of his passing. As if in response to the tribute, the conditions at Waimea Bay delivered some of the largest and most challenging waves ever seen in the event’s history.

4. 2009: Hawaiian charger Greg Long claimed the victory in an epic battle. Battling against enormous waves and a highly competitive field, Long displayed exceptional wave selection, precise maneuvers, and a calm poise that resulted in an unforgettable win.

5. 2016: The Eddie Surf Contest returned to Waimea Bay after a seven-year hiatus due to the challenging wave conditions. On this momentous day, John John Florence, a local favorite, captured his first Eddie win with a dominant performance, solidifying his place among the greats of big-wave surfing.

6. 2022: In a thrilling event that captivated the surfing world, Maya Gabeira made history by becoming the first woman to compete in the Eddie Surf Contest. Gabeira fearlessly charged the monstrous waves, paving the way for future generations of female big-wave surfers to follow in her footsteps.

These are just a few of the unforgettable moments that have unfolded at the Eddie Surf Contest. Each event has brought its own unique stories of triumph, heartbreak, and the indomitable spirit of the competitors who push the boundaries of big-wave surfing. These moments have solidified the contest’s legacy as a platform for the world’s best surfers to showcase their skills and inspire generations of surf enthusiasts.

As the years go on, the Eddie Surf Contest will continue to create more unforgettable memories, shaping the future of big-wave surfing and further honoring the legacy of Eddie Aikau, the waterman who brought so much passion and spirit to the sport.

Exclusive Interviews with Competitors and Organizers

Gaining insights directly from the competitors and organizers of the Eddie Surf Contest offers a unique perspective on the event and the world of big-wave surfing. Through exclusive interviews, we can delve into their experiences, motivations, and the immense dedication required to participate in and organize such a prestigious contest. Here are some excerpts from interviews with past competitors and organizers:

1. John John Florence (Competitor): “The Eddie Surf Contest is unlike any other event. The energy, the waves, and the sense of camaraderie amongst the competitors create an atmosphere that is truly special. It’s an honor to be invited and compete alongside the best big-wave surfers in the world. The challenge of riding massive waves at Waimea Bay pushes me to my limits and allows me to showcase what I love most about surfing.”

2. Paige Alms (Competitor): “Being invited to compete in the Eddie Surf Contest is a dream come true for me. It’s an incredible opportunity to challenge myself and push the boundaries of what is possible in big-wave surfing. I hope to inspire future generations of female surfers and show that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and a love for the ocean.”

3. George Downing (Organizer): “Organizing the Eddie Surf Contest is a labor of love. It requires careful coordination, extensive planning, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges that Waimea Bay presents. Our goal is to create a platform for the surfers to showcase their talent while honoring the legacy of Eddie Aikau. Seeing the event come together and witnessing the incredible performances of the surfers is truly rewarding.”

4. Clyde Aikau (Competitor and Brother of Eddie Aikau): “The Eddie Surf Contest is a tribute to my brother Eddie and the values he stood for. It’s about celebrating his legacy and the spirit of aloha. The contest brings the community together and allows us to honor Eddie’s life through the sport he loved. I’m grateful to be a part of it and to see how it continues to inspire surfers and fans around the world.”

These interviews provide a glimpse into the mindset and passion of the competitors and the dedication and purpose behind organizing the Eddie Surf Contest. It highlights the profound impact this event has on those involved, both as a highly anticipated competition and as a testament to the remarkable legacy of Eddie Aikau.

The insights shared by the competitors and organizers offer a deeper appreciation for the challenges, triumphs, and the sense of unity and respect that make the Eddie Surf Contest a truly exceptional experience for all involved.