Former WH Trainer Says Biden’s Dog Commander Isn’t Receiving Proper Training

  • Former Secret Service Officer Questions Commander’s Training

    A former Secret Service officer, Marshall Mirarchi, who worked in the K-9 division for a decade, expressed doubt about the training of President Biden’s dog, Commander. Despite claims from the administration that the dog is receiving training, Mirarchi believes Commander is not getting the right kind of training.

    Key Takeaway

    A former Secret Service officer, Marshall Mirarchi, questions the training received by President Biden’s dog, Commander, expressing doubt about the dog’s readiness for the White House. He emphasizes that dogs can always be re-trained, but the current indications suggest that Commander is not receiving the necessary guidance. This poses challenges for the staff members living and working with an unpredictable dog.

  • No Point of No Return for Training

    Mirarchi asserts that there is no point of no return for training dogs, even for repeat offenders like Commander. He emphasizes that they can always be re-trained, although the time required for a dog to learn and respond may vary.

  • Commander’s Lack of Proper Direction

    According to Mirarchi, all indications suggest that Commander is not receiving the necessary guidance for proper training. He offers insights on what can and should be done to get the dog ready for the White House again.

  • Challenges for White House Staffers

    Mirarchi also acknowledges the difficulties faced by White House staff members who live and work with an unpredictable dog like Commander. The recent incidents of biting, including one resulting in hospitalization, have made it challenging for the staff to maintain a safe environment.

President Biden’s dog, Commander, has been in the spotlight recently due to reports of biting incidents. With at least 11 people reportedly bitten, including one sent to the hospital, there are concerns about Commander’s training and readiness for the White House.

Marshall Mirarchi, a former Secret Service officer with extensive experience in the K-9 division, has expressed doubt about Commander’s training. Despite the administration’s claims of training, Mirarchi believes that Commander is not receiving the proper direction. He emphasizes that dogs, even repeat offenders, can always be re-trained, but it appears that someone may have dropped the ball in this case.

For White House staffers, living and working with a dog that has proven to be unpredictable poses additional challenges. The incidents of biting have created an unsafe environment, and it is crucial to address the training issues to ensure everyone’s safety.

In conclusion, the doubts raised by a former Secret Service officer regarding Commander’s training highlight the need for a closer look at the dog’s preparation for the White House. Re-training is possible, but it is essential to provide the proper guidance and direction to prevent further incidents. The wellbeing and safety of the White House staff and visitors should remain a top priority.