Donald Trump Takes A Dig At Struggling Patriots During Campaign Speech


Donald Trump makes headlines once again, this time for his witty and stinging remarks about the struggling New England Patriots during a campaign speech. The former President never shies away from expressing his opinions, and this time, he took a subtle jab at both the team and President Joe Biden.

Key Takeaway

Donald Trump takes a playful swipe at the New England Patriots during a campaign speech, highlighting the team’s recent struggles while praising Head Coach Bill Belichick. Despite the banter, Trump and Belichick maintain a friendly relationship, and Patriots fans hope for a turnaround in their team’s performance.

The Patriots’ Struggles

Speaking to his supporters in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, deep in Patriots country, Trump compared President Biden’s negotiation skills with Chinese President Xi Jinping to a high school football team playing against a formidable NFL squad. It was during this comparison that he couldn’t help but mention the Patriots.

Trump humorously quipped, “Let’s see, what’s a good football team nowadays? I used to say New England. I used to say the Patriots. I’d love to be able to say the Patriots. [Belichick’s] a great guy, great coach, but they’re having a little hard time.”

Indeed, Trump’s remarks came shortly after the Patriots suffered a humiliating 34-0 loss at home against the Saints, which was the worst defeat in Head Coach Bill Belichick’s era. The team had also experienced a disappointing loss to the Cowboys the previous week, with a score of 38-3.

With a current record of 1-4, the Patriots find themselves in last place in the AFC East division.

Trump’s Take on the Patriots

Trump highlighted the team’s current struggles, saying, “What’s going on with the Patriots? But he’s a great coach. He’ll figure it out somehow. He’s gonna figure it out, but that was not a good game last night, was it?”

It’s worth noting that despite Trump’s playful banter, he maintains a friendly relationship with Bill Belichick. However, not all Patriots fans took the jabs lightly. One fan even used Will Smith’s famous Oscars outburst quote to respond, writing, “Keep my team’s name out your GD mouth lol.”

With upcoming games against division rivals Bills and Dolphins, who have a combined record of 7-3, it seems the road ahead won’t be any easier for the struggling Patriots. And given Trump’s candid nature, it wouldn’t be surprising if this isn’t the last time he playfully teases the team.