Biden’s German Shepherd Commander Strikes Again: Bites Another Secret Service Agent


In yet another incident, President Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander, has bitten a Secret Service agent, marking possibly the 11th victim of his aggressive behavior. The incident occurred on Monday evening, and the injured agent received medical treatment, although the extent of the injuries is currently undisclosed.

Key Takeaway

President Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander, has bitten another Secret Service agent, adding to his history of aggressive behavior. The exact cause of the biting incidents and the extent of the injuries remain undisclosed. It is uncertain if any further measures will be taken to address Commander’s behavior.

A Troubling Trend

This biting incident adds to a growing list of similar incidents involving Commander. In July, it was revealed that the dog had gone on a four-month biting spree, attacking multiple Secret Service agents with varying degrees of injuries. While initial reports indicated seven victims, some sources suggested that the actual number may have been as high as ten.

Potential Causes

The White House Press Secretary stated that Commander’s aggressive behavior is likely attributed to the stress caused by the constant commotion and movement within the residence area of the White House. In response to the previous incidents, the White House had promised to provide the dog with additional training and establish designated areas and times for him to roam freely.

Uncertain Future

There is currently no indication that Commander will face any consequences, such as being removed from the White House, like his older brother Major, who also faced biting issues. As the incidents persist, it remains to be seen if any further action will be taken to address the dog’s behavior.