Flavor Flav Moved To Tears By 8-Year-Old’s National Anthem Performance


Flavor Flav, the renowned rapper and performer, was deeply moved by the stunning performance of the national anthem by 8-year-old Kinsley Murray at the recent Pacers game. The rendition was so powerful that it nearly brought tears to his eyes, a testament to the young girl’s exceptional talent and passion.

Key Takeaway

Flavor Flav was deeply moved by 8-year-old Kinsley Murray’s rendition of the national anthem, praising her exceptional talent and defending her against critics. His emotional reaction underscores the profound impact of her performance.

Flav’s Emotional Reaction

Flavor Flav, known for his own viral rendition of the anthem at a Milwaukee Bucks game, expressed his admiration for Kinsley’s performance, stating that it “almost brought some tears to my eyes!” He commended her exceptional delivery and expressed pride in her flawless execution of the anthem.

Defending Kinsley

Flav also addressed the critics who attempted to disparage Kinsley’s performance, firmly standing by her and emphasizing the immense pressure that comes with such a public performance. He lauded her for mastering all the words and delivering a remarkable rendition, dismissing any negative commentary.

Support for Young Talent

Flavor Flav’s appreciation for young talent extended beyond Kinsley, as he also shared his pride in his godsons, Nico Ali Walsh and Biaggio Ali Walsh, both making strides in the world of sports. He expressed immense pride in their accomplishments and their dedication to their respective athletic pursuits.