Eric Clapton Raises $2.2 Million For Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaign With Private Concert


Legendary musician Eric Clapton and political figure Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined forces in a unique and successful fundraising event. The private concert, held in Los Angeles, not only showcased Clapton’s musical talent but also aimed to raise funds for Kennedy’s presidential campaign. The star-studded event took place at a luxurious estate in Brentwood and proved to be a massive success, raising an astounding $2.2 million.

Key Takeaway

Eric Clapton’s private concert raised an incredible $2.2 million for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign. The event showcased the potential of music and activism to bring people together for a common cause.

Clapton Rocks the Stage for a Political Cause

The concert, organized as a political fundraiser, attracted a high-profile audience willing to contribute generously to Kennedy’s campaign. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive performance by Eric Clapton, who is known not only for his musical artistry but also for his outspoken views.

The tickets for the event were priced at a premium, with the entry-level starting at $3,300. Those willing to have personal interaction with Kennedy had the option to purchase tickets for as much as $6,600. The response was overwhelming, and the event managed to surpass the million-dollar mark.

A Generous Contribution for a Presidential Campaign

Out of the total funds raised, $1 million was directed towards Kennedy’s presidential campaign. The remaining $1.2 million went to a political action committee (PAC) that supports his candidacy. Kennedy expressed his gratitude to Clapton for his involvement, recognizing the power of music to unite people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Kennedy stated, “I am deeply grateful to Eric Clapton for bringing his musical artistry and rebellious spirit to my gathering. I sometimes think that in our divided society, it is music rather than any kind of intellectual agreement that has the most potential to bring us together again.”

He continued, “If he sees in me the possibility of bringing unity to our country, it is only possible because artists like him invoke a buried faith in the limitless power of human beings to overcome any obstacle.”

Conclusion: Strengthening Bonds through Music and Advocacy

The collaboration between Eric Clapton and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exemplifies the power of art and activism to make a significant impact. Clapton’s performance not only enthralled the audience but also generated substantial funds for Kennedy’s presidential campaign. The event served as a reminder that music can transcend boundaries and foster unity, even in a politically divided society.