Man Arrested For Violating Court Order At Robert Kennedy Jr. And Cheryl Hines’ Home


In a frightening incident, a man was arrested at the home of prominent couple Robert Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl Hines. The individual attempted to gain access to their residence, prompting a swift response from security and law enforcement.

Key Takeaway

A man was arrested for attempting to break into the home of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl Hines. Prompt action from security personnel and law enforcement ensured the safety of the couple and their property.

Second Arrest for Violating Court Order

Update: According to law enforcement sources, the same man returned to the property in Brentwood early Thursday morning, violating a court order. He was promptly arrested once again, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

Security Measures Prevented Potential Threat

The initial incident occurred on Wednesday morning at approximately 9:30 AM when authorities received a burglary call concerning the Kennedy-Hines residence. While the intentions of the intruder remain unclear, Kennedy’s security personnel were present and able to restrain the individual until police arrived.

Although it is unknown if Robert Kennedy Jr. was home during the incident, Cheryl Hines witnessed the individual on their property. Thanks to the presence of security and the prompt response from law enforcement, the situation was resolved swiftly and efficiently.

Couple’s Background and Recent News

Robert Kennedy Jr., a well-known figure in American politics, recently declared his independent candidacy for the 2024 Presidential Election, marking the end of his Democratic primary campaign. With his political aspirations making headlines, this incident at his home adds an extra layer of security concerns.

Robert and Cheryl have been married since 2014, tying the knot at the iconic Kennedy Compound on Cape Cod. The couple’s stable and high-profile relationship has attracted media attention over the years, making this intrusion at their home all the more unsettling.

We have reached out to a representative for Robert Kennedy Jr. for further information regarding the incident but have yet to receive a response.