Elon Musk Blames Mark Zuckerberg For The Failed MMA Fight


Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, recently spoke out about the highly anticipated MMA fight that never happened between him and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. In a candid interview with Joe Rogan on the JRE podcast, Musk revealed his side of the story and placed the blame squarely on Zuckerberg.

Key Takeaway

The much-anticipated MMA fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg did not materialize due to conflicting opinions about the venue and concerns about excessive branding. Musk blamed Zuckerberg for pulling out of the fight, claiming that he was still serious about the matchup. Despite skepticism about his chances against Zuckerberg’s jiu-jitsu skills, Musk remains confident in his own abilities.

Italy’s Offer and Musk’s Concerns

During the interview, Musk disclosed that the Italian government had offered to host the fight at the Coliseum, a historic landmark known around the world. Musk saw this as an incredible opportunity and couldn’t turn it down. However, he also expressed his reservations about having excessive branding and advertisements on such a revered location.

As Musk explained, “I like UFC and everything, but we don’t have tons of ads in UFC branding on the Coliseum ’cause it’s a place of great history. You don’t want to have it be all like NASCAR.” This concern, according to Musk, ultimately led to Zuckerberg pulling out of the fight.

The Origins of the Fight

The idea of a fight between the two tech moguls emerged when Zuckerberg launched Threads, a competitor to Musk’s company X. Musk took to Twitter, announcing that he was “up for a cage match.” Zuckerberg responded by challenging Musk. The potential clash between the two billionaires quickly gained traction in the media.

Unfortunately, despite the initial hype, a deal was never finalized. Zuckerberg accused Musk of not taking the fight seriously, suggesting that Musk had no intention of actually getting into the ring. Musk responded to these allegations by stating, “At the end of the day, I’ll fight you any place, anywhere, under any rules.”

Musk’s Defense

While some critics argued that Zuckerberg’s background in jiu-jitsu would give him the upper hand in the fight, Musk remained confident. He pointed out that he is 50% heavier than Zuckerberg and conveyed his own unconventional strategy. Musk cheekily mentioned that he had a “patented ‘walrus’ move” and that he would simply “lie on” Zuckerberg, relying on his size advantage.

Is the Fight Still Possible?

Although the prospect of the Musk vs. Zuckerberg fight appears to be on life support, Musk made it clear that he is still willing and ready to make it happen. He expressed his impatience, insisting that he doesn’t need any time to prepare. The ball is now in Zuckerberg’s court, and the world eagerly waits for his response.