Drake’s Latest Album Tops Charts As Adonis Shows Promise In Rap Career


Drake has once again proven his dominance in the music industry by earning his 13th number one album. Titled “For All The Dogs,” this album has skyrocketed to the top of the charts, solidifying Drake’s status as one of the most successful artists of all time. But the celebration doesn’t stop there – Drake’s 6-year-old son, Adonis, is making waves with his own rap skills and seems poised to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Key Takeaway

Drake achieves his 13th number one album with “For All The Dogs,” while his son Adonis makes his rap debut at just 6 years old.

A Star is Born: Adonis Makes His Debut

Adonis, who recently celebrated his 6th birthday, received a special gift from his father – a music video for his very own rap debut. The video, titled “My Man (Freestyle),” showcases Adonis’ undeniable talent and hints at a promising future in the music industry. This milestone is particularly poignant as Adonis was also featured in the album’s lead single, “8am in Charlotte.”

A Glimpse into Adonis’ World

In the basketball-themed music video for “My Man,” Adonis effortlessly adopts his father’s glamorous lifestyle. Alongside his friends, he emulates professional athletes and exudes a natural confidence beyond his years. This glimpse into Adonis’ budding rap career indicates that he may be ready to step into the spotlight sooner than anyone anticipated.

Drake’s Latest Success

“For All The Dogs” has proven to be a colossal hit, amassing a staggering 402,000 U.S. sales and an impressive 514 million streams. Despite its commercial success, the album has received its fair share of negative reviews, most notably from music critic and podcast host Joe Budden.

Looking Ahead

While Drake had initially announced plans to take some time off due to health issues, it seems that his hiatus may not be as prolonged. With Adonis emerging as a rising star in the rap scene, Drake’s attention may be divided between his own career and nurturing his son’s undeniable talent.

As fans eagerly await future releases from both Drake and Adonis, it is clear that the legacy of the Graham family in the music industry is only just beginning.