Drake Sparks Romance With Bartender Flacka In Turks & Caicos


It seems like Drake’s recent vacation in Turks & Caicos has taken an unexpected turn as he gets cozy with bartender Flacka. The rapper, known for his smooth moves on and off the stage, has been wooing Flacka during their time together on the island.

Key Takeaway

Drake has found a potential love interest in Flacka, a bartender from Turks & Caicos. Their blossoming romance is evident through their intimate moments and public displays of affection.

A Special Bond on the Island

During their visit to Noah’s Ark, a popular beach club, Drake and his crew were delighted to be reunited with Flacka. The chemistry between them was evident as Drake dedicated his time to getting to know her better, even outside her working hours.

Flacka has not only been serving refreshing drinks; she has also been a part of Drake’s world in other ways. She helped him showcase his T&C-inspired Nike x Nocta collection in March. Their friendship extends beyond the boundaries of the bar.

A Public Display of Affection

Drake made no secret of his admiration for Flacka. He mentioned her in his track “P***y & Millions” and featured her on his Instagram account, where he has a massive following of 144 million fans.

The night continued with a romantic candlelit dinner, where Drake serenaded Flacka with his hit song “Feel No Ways.” The intimate moments left Flacka blushing, and they shared pictures together, with Flacka referring to Drake as a “cutie” and Drake describing her as “the one and only!”

A Long-Distance Love Affair?

As Drake prepares for his upcoming tour with J. Cole, a long-distance romance may be on the horizon for him and Flacka. However, with the connection they have formed in Turks & Caicos, it is safe to assume that Drake will be back to spend more time with Flacka in the future.