Drake’s New Love Interest Boosts Beach Club Sales, Says Manager


Drake’s recent revelation of his new love interest in the form of a Turks & Caicos bartender named Flacka is not only making her an overnight celebrity but is also proving to be extremely lucrative for her place of employment. According to Phillip Misick, the manager of the Noah’s Ark beach club, the viral videos featuring Drake and Flacka have led to a significant increase in food and drink sales. The surge in popularity has been so substantial that he hasn’t had the time to accurately measure the extent of the boost.

Key Takeaway

Drake’s relationship with Flacka has brought unexpected financial gains for the Noah’s Ark beach club, with an increase in food and drink sales.

During Drake’s visit to Turks & Caicos, he reunited with Flacka and focused his attention on her bartending skills. Later, the megastar rapper took her out for dinner, further fueling speculation about the nature of their relationship. As a result, customers have been flocking to the beach club with the hopes of catching a glimpse of Drake and, more importantly, interacting with Flacka. This fascination with the rumored couple has seen Flacka become a sought-after figure, attracting the attention of brands for potential partnerships. Additionally, her social media following has grown exponentially as new fans join her online community.

Although Flacka holds the position of assistant manager at Noah’s Ark, her newfound fame could potentially open doors to new opportunities outside of bartending. With brands reaching out to her and a growing audience, she may soon consider taking on new ventures and leaving her current position. However, it remains uncertain whether quitting one’s job after starting to date Drake is a wise decision, given his reputation as a non-committal individual. Nevertheless, the prospect of a job opening at a paradise-like location like Noah’s Ark beach club may entice those who have a passion for serving refreshing drinks in a tropical setting.