Camila Cabello Opens Up About Her Split With Shawn Mendes


Camila Cabello recently shared the details of her breakup with Shawn Mendes, shedding light on the reasons behind their second split. In a candid conversation with Alex Cooper on “Call Her Daddy,” Cabello revealed that despite their brief reunion, the couple ultimately realized that they were not the right match for each other.

Key Takeaway

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes mutually realized that their relationship was not meant to be, leading to an amicable split. Both artists have since moved on and are embracing new experiences.

The Reconciliation and Final Split

According to Cabello, their decision to give their relationship another chance was impulsive, sparked by a moment at Coachella in 2023. However, they soon came to the mutual understanding that their rekindled romance was not meant to be. The singer emphasized that they both acknowledged the lack of compatibility and opted to part ways amicably, choosing to remain friends.

Reflections on the Past and Moving Forward

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes had previously dated from 2019 to 2021 before reuniting briefly. Despite the ups and downs, Cabello expressed no regrets about the rekindled romance, describing it as a “fun moment.” Following their split, both artists have moved on, with Cabello recently being spotted on a “friends vacation” with Drake in Turks and Caicos. While she remained discreet about the nature of her relationship with Drake, she openly expressed her admiration for him.

Shawn Mendes’ New Endeavors

On the other hand, Shawn Mendes has also moved forward, having been linked to British presenter Charlie Travers. The two were seen enjoying a beach day in West Hollywood, signaling Mendes’ readiness to embrace new experiences post-breakup.