Donald Trump’s Sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, Passes Away At 86


In a sad turn of events, Maryanne Trump Barry, the older sister of former President Donald Trump, has passed away at the age of 86. Her body was found at her residence in Manhattan on Monday morning. The circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, but authorities have stated that no foul play is suspected.

Key Takeaway

Maryanne Trump Barry, older sister of Donald Trump and former federal judge, has passed away at the age of 86. Her death comes amidst a strained relationship with her brother, with public revelations and recordings highlighting their disagreements. The Trump family mourns the loss of Maryanne, a respected figure in the legal field.

A Respected Legal Career

Maryanne Trump Barry had a long and distinguished career as an attorney. She served as a federal judge in New Jersey before retiring in 2019. Her legal expertise and knowledge made her a respected figure in the field.

A Close Relationship with Donald Trump

Maryanne Trump Barry shared a close relationship with her younger brother, Donald Trump. She was known to be one of his trusted confidants and advisors. However, their relationship appeared to sour after Donald’s election as President in 2016. Reports suggest that they had a falling out, and Maryanne’s niece, Mary Trump, publicly criticized her famous uncle, even releasing recorded conversations alleging his dishonesty and lack of principles.

Mourning the Loss

Maryanne Trump Barry’s passing marks another loss for the Trump family, following the deaths of her brothers Fred and Robert. Donald Trump now has only one surviving older sister, Elizabeth Trump. The family is undoubtedly grieving the loss of Maryanne, whose contributions and presence will be missed.