Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter Account Hacked, False Death Announcement Made


It seems like no one is safe from hacking these days, not even the son of former President Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account was recently compromised, with the hacker taking control and posting a series of controversial tweets. One of the most shocking tweets falsely announced the death of his father.

Key Takeaway

Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account was hacked, resulting in the dissemination of false information and a death announcement regarding his father, former President Donald Trump. The account has since been restored to its original state, and investigations into the hack are likely underway.

A Shocking Announcement

On Wednesday morning, Trump Jr.’s account sent shockwaves through the Twitterverse when it posted: “I am saddened to announce that my father, Donald Trump, has passed away. I will be running for president in 2024.” This startling message immediately caught the attention of users and raised suspicions about the authenticity of the claim.

However, it became clear that the account had indeed been hacked when a series of additional tweets followed. The hacker continued to wreak havoc by sharing provocative statements about various topics, including Biden, North Korea, and even mentioning conversations with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Swift Action by Twitter

In response to the hack, Twitter swiftly took action to address the situation. The false tweets were promptly removed, and control of the account was restored to its rightful owner. At this time, Donald Trump Jr. has not yet commented on the incident.