Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter Account Hacked, Spreads False News About Donald Trump


Donald Trump Jr., the son of former U.S. President Donald Trump, experienced a security breach on his Twitter account on Wednesday. Hackers gained access to his account and used it to spread false news about his father’s demise and to share controversial tweets on various topics including North Korea, Joe Biden, and Jeffrey Epstein.

Key Takeaway

Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account was hacked, leading to the spread of false news about his father’s death and the posting of controversial tweets. The incident once again highlights the vulnerability of high-profile individuals to cyberattacks and the importance of robust security measures to protect personal accounts.

A Shocking Incident

Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account was compromised, raising concerns among users of the popular social media platform. The initial tweet posted by the hackers claimed that his father, Donald Trump, had passed away and that he would be running for president in 2024. However, the authenticity of the message was quickly questioned due to its suspicious nature.

Further tweets from the hacked account included alarming statements such as “North Korea is about to get smoked” and references to “interesting messages with Jeffrey Epstein.” The hackers even went as far as posting offensive language directed towards Joe Biden.

Prompt Action Taken

The security team at Twitter, now known as X, swiftly addressed the issue, removing the fraudulent tweets and restoring control of the account to its rightful owner, Donald Trump Jr. However, the son of the former president has yet to comment on the incident and the extent of the breach remains unclear.