Donald Trump Allegedly Asked Melania To Parade Around In Bikini For Other Men


Recent revelations have emerged surrounding former President Donald Trump and his interactions with his wife, Melania Trump. According to a secret recording, Trump allegedly asked Melania to showcase herself in a bikini for the amusement of male guests at an event. The details of this shocking request have been brought to light by Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt, who claims to have engaged in conversations with Trump during his time in office.

Key Takeaway

Recent reports suggest that Donald Trump allegedly asked Melania Trump to parade around in a bikini for other men while he was serving as President of the United States. The revelation, brought forth by Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt, sheds light on the dynamics between the couple and raises concerns about Trump’s judgment during his tenure in office.

The Revealing Tape

The tape, which was aired on “60 Minutes Australia” and reported by The New York Times, captures a conversation between Donald Trump and Anthony Pratt that took place in 2019. According to Pratt’s account, Trump shared an anecdote about requesting Melania to walk around a pool in her bikini, allowing the other men present to appreciate her beauty.

This revelation is particularly striking given that it allegedly occurred when Donald Trump was serving as President of the United States and Melania Trump as the First Lady. While Melania’s modeling background has been a source of pride for Trump in the past, it is surprising to imagine him making such a request in an official capacity.

A Firm Response

According to Pratt, Melania did not acquiesce to Trump’s request without retort. Allegedly, she fired back at her husband, stating, “I’ll do that when you walk around with me in your bikini.” This assertiveness from Melania sets a distinct tone within their relationship and portrays her as a strong-willed individual who won’t comply with arbitrary requests.

Broader Implications

This revelation is just one of many bombshells presented in the report. Pratt also claims that Trump nonchalantly shared state secrets with him, a claim that has caught the attention of special counsel Jack Smith, who is conducting a probe into Trump’s actions. While Melania’s defiance is noteworthy, the implications of Trump’s alleged sharing of classified information are grave and deserve further investigation.

As the story unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that the relationship between Donald and Melania Trump is more complex than it appears on the surface. These revelations provide a glimpse into their dynamics and ignite discussions about the boundaries and responsibilities of those in positions of power.

While the request itself may not come as a surprise considering Trump’s past behavior, the fact that it allegedly occurred during his presidency adds a new layer of shock. As investigations continue, the truth behind these claims will hopefully come to light, giving the public a deeper understanding of the Trump administration’s inner workings.