Desiigner Pleads Guilty To Indecent Exposure Charge, Seeks Probation And Fine


Desiigner, the popular rapper known for hits like “Panda,” is facing the consequences of his recent scandal. He has decided to plead guilty to the charge of indecent exposure after an incident on a flight. In an effort to avoid jail time, Desiigner has agreed to a plea deal that includes two years of probation, 120 hours of community service, a $5,000 fine, and a public apology to the flight attendants involved.

Key Takeaway

Desiigner has agreed to plead guilty to the charge of indecent exposure stemming from an incident on a flight from Japan. As part of a plea deal, he will serve two years of probation, complete community service, pay a $5,000 fine, and publicly apologize to the flight attendants involved. Desiigner is committed to personal growth and has voluntarily participated in counseling and therapy sessions, as well as drug testing.

Flight Incident and Legal Proceedings

The incident in question occurred during a flight from Japan, where Desiigner allegedly made inappropriate comments to the flight attendants, indicating his state of arousal. He reportedly dropped a jar of lubricating Vaseline in the aisle and had to be closely monitored for the entire duration of the flight. After the incident, Desiigner promptly issued an apology and has been actively seeking counseling and therapy to address the underlying issues.

Desiigner’s Commitment to Personal Growth

In an effort to show his commitment to personal growth, Desiigner voluntarily attended 19 court-appointed counseling and therapy sessions since the incident. He also underwent drug testing and received clean results, demonstrating his commitment to making positive changes in his life.

Desiigner’s attorney is requesting that the judge not impose any travel restrictions that would hinder his professional career as a musician. The artist has numerous tours scheduled worldwide throughout 2023 and 2024. Desiigner’s management team has emphasized his dedication to his upcoming music, where he has poured his “heart and soul” into his work.

As Desiigner takes responsibility for his actions, he is hopeful that this plea deal will allow him to move forward with his career and put this unfortunate incident behind him. With the court proceedings scheduled for September 8th, fans and industry professionals are eager to see how this chapter unfolds for the talented rapper.