Deion Sanders Expresses Surprise Over Mount Rushmore’s Location


In a surprising turn of events, former professional football player and current coach Deion Sanders has confessed to not knowing the location of one of America’s most iconic landmarks, Mt. Rushmore. During a media interaction, Prime, as he is commonly known, revealed his lack of geographical knowledge when discussing his team’s performance this year.

Key Takeaway

Deion Sanders, an accomplished football player turned coach, admitted to not knowing the location of Mt. Rushmore. Mistakenly thinking it was situated in California, Sanders humorously discovered that the famous landmark is, in fact, in South Dakota.

Thinking Mt. Rushmore Was in California

Reflecting on his Colorado team’s performance, Sanders compared his sky-high expectations to the height of a famous mountain. However, he mistakenly believed that the mountain he was referring to, with the engraved faces, was located in California. Addressing reporters, Sanders asked, “What’s those little four heads that’s in California? What they call those? The people’s faces engraved?”

Discovering the Truth

Upon being informed by the journalists that the mountain in question was, in fact, Mt. Rushmore and that it resided in South Dakota, Sanders couldn’t help but laugh at his own ignorance. “It’s in where?” he exclaimed. “I thought it was in L.A. all this time! Wow, my geography.”

A Glimpse of Humility

Despite his initial unawareness, Sanders displayed humility and gratitude for the information provided by the crowd. He took a moment to chuckle at his mistake before expressing his appreciation for being educated on the subject. It is clear that while Sanders may not excel as a tour guide, he is undoubtedly a formidable coach.

While Sanders’ lack of knowledge about the location of a well-known American landmark may come as a surprise, it serves as a reminder that even the most successful individuals can have gaps in their general knowledge. Sanders’ candid admission demonstrates humility and highlights the importance of continuous learning, regardless of one’s achievements.