David Eason Shares Pictures With Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Amid Abuse Allegations


Amid ongoing abuse allegations, David Eason, the husband of Jenelle Evans, has taken to social media to share photos of himself spending time with Evans’ son, Jace. The pictures show the two engaging in various activities such as fixing dirt bikes, playing basketball, fishing, and playing pool.

Key Takeaway

David Eason, husband of Jenelle Evans, has shared photos on social media of him spending time with Evans’ son, Jace, amidst abuse allegations. The photos come in the midst of an investigation into child neglect and allegations of assault against Eason. The case involves visible marks on Jace’s body and captured footage of the alleged assault, now in possession of the authorities.

Eason captioned the photos by stating, “Nobody understands our relationship and that’s fine because they don’t need to!” This comes after recent reports of child neglect and Eason allegedly assaulting Jace, which has sparked an investigation by the authorities.

Last week, Jace was reported missing but was found shortly after. This was not the first time he had gone missing, as there have been previous incidents. While Jenelle Evans attributed these incidents to Jace’s rebellious behavior as a teenager, sources with direct knowledge revealed that the investigation was prompted by Jace’s claim that David Eason had assaulted him.

According to these sources, Jace had visible marks on his neck and arm when he was found, and it is believed that the alleged assault was captured on a Ring camera. The footage is now in possession of both the police and child protective services.

In response to the allegations, David Eason has claimed that police reports were falsified and that the truth is already evident to everyone involved.