Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Thriving Away From His Mom, Finds Happiness With Grandmother


Jenelle Evans, known for her appearances on the reality TV show “Teen Mom,” continues to face adversity as her teenage son, Jace, has distanced himself from her and her husband, David Eason. However, sources indicate that Jace has found solace and happiness in residing with his grandmother, Barbara, under the custody of Child Protective Services.

Key Takeaway

Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace, has distanced himself from his mother and stepfather, finding refuge living with his grandmother, Barbara, under the custody of Child Protective Services. Despite the alleged child abuse incident involving Jace and his stepfather, Jace’s new living arrangement has brought him happiness and stability, as he rebuilds his life and enrollment in a new school.

Avoiding Contact

According to sources with reliable knowledge, 14-year-old Jace has completely cut off contact with his mother and stepfather, as he remains living with Barbara. The estrangement from his parents seems to have had a positive effect on Jace’s well-being, as he reportedly appears happier than ever before. Notably, Barbara herself is also not in contact with Jenelle or David, maintaining a separate and stable environment for her grandson.

Charges of Child Abuse

Prior to the current situation, David Eason faced serious allegations when he was charged with child abuse. These charges stemmed from an incident involving Jace, where it was alleged that Eason had physically harmed the teenager, leaving visible marks on his neck. Remarkably, this incident occurred on the same day Jace ran away from home, escaping through his bedroom window.

The court documents indicate that the injuries sustained by Jace were not accidental, raising serious concerns about his welfare. With the support of his grandmother, Jace has found refuge and a sense of belonging in her home, which offers him stability and security.

Rebuilding Jace’s Life

Living under his grandmother’s care, Jace has experienced the joy of a familiar and loving environment. After regaining custody of her grandson earlier this year, Barbara has been instrumental in providing Jace with stability, primarily raising him since his childhood.

In recent developments, Jace has taken significant steps towards rebuilding his life. He has recently enrolled in a new school, marking his return to education after months of absence. These positive changes come after Jace was reported as a runaway following a school-related incident in August.

As for David Eason, he is scheduled to appear in court at the end of the month to face misdemeanor charges related to child abuse. The ongoing legal process further highlights the tumultuous circumstances surrounding Jenelle Evans and her family, particularly her relationship with her son Jace.