Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Son Hospitalized, Under CPS Care After New Runaway Attempt


The teenage son of “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is once again making headlines, this time for running away and being hospitalized. The incident has led to Child Protective Services (CPS) taking custody of Jenelle’s 14-year-old son, Jace.

Key Takeaway

Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace, has been hospitalized and is now under the care of Child Protective Services (CPS) after attempting to run away from home once again. This is not the first time Jace has run away, and his repeated incidents have led CPS to place him in foster care for his safety. The custody battle between Jenelle and Jace’s grandmother, Barbara, continues, with Jace finding himself back in Barbara’s care. The situation underscores the challenges and concerns surrounding Jace’s well-being and the need for stability in his life.

Another Runaway Attempt

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation have revealed that Jace ran away from his grandmother’s home on Saturday and was not found until late Sunday evening. This is not the first time Jace has attempted to run away, as he has previously done so from Jenelle’s home, resulting in him being placed under the care of his grandmother, Barbara.

Hospitalization and Foster Care

Following his latest runaway attempt, Jace is now hospitalized, and CPS has made the decision to place him in foster care. This decision comes as a result of his repeated runaway incidents. It is an unfortunate outcome, but one that CPS believes is necessary for Jace’s well-being and safety.

The Vaping Incident

According to sources, Jace’s recent vaping incident played a role in his decision to run away. After being caught vaping at school, his grandmother, Barbara, confiscated his phone. It is worth noting that Barbara had been advised by Jenelle, CPS, and the foster care team not to provide Jace with a phone. However, she believed he could handle the responsibility. Taking away his phone as a form of punishment led Jace to run away.

A Troubling Trend

This is not the first time Jace has run away from home. In fact, it has become a troubling trend. As previously reported, Jace has run away from home at least four times before. One notable incident occurred in September when he escaped through a window on the same day that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, allegedly roughed him up.

The Custody Battle Continues

Jace has spent the majority of his childhood under the care of his grandmother, Barbara. However, Jenelle regained custody earlier this year, only for Jace to run away multiple times and find himself back at Barbara’s house. It is a turbulent custody battle that has left everyone involved concerned for Jace’s well-being.

Keeping Distance

In recent weeks, Jace has made the decision to keep his distance from both Jenelle and David. This self-imposed distance highlights the strained relationship between Jace and his parents.